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How to Avoid Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Moms tend to gain weight when they become pregnant. That is only natural and is to be expected with the new life growing inside their tummy. Soon-to-be moms at this

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Why is Having Sufficient Vitamin D Levels Important to a Pregnant Woman?

The Potential Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency According to Australian health expert Andrew Whitehouse from the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research at the University of Western Australia, pregnant women


Proper Maternal Nutrition Prevents Birth Defects

Birth defects or physical abnormalities at birth can lead to physical and mental disabilities or death of babies less than one year old. The proper nutrition of a woman prior

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How Can Vegetarian Women Have a Healthy Pregnancy?

Pregnant women who are vegetarian feel concerned about the possible effects of their diet on the baby inside their tummy. However, there is no need to worry, because, with careful