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Switch to the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle

More than a diet, what is frequently referred to as the Mediterranean Diet is actually a lifestyle. A switch to this lifestyle may make you healthier and happier. Health Benefits

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What is the Mediterranean Diet? Eating the Healthy Mediterranean Way, Fresh, Seasonal and Local

The Mediterranean diet has long been reported on and promoted as the way to go – the best diet available but what in terms of daily food intake is it?

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Mediterranean Diet Helps Type-2 Diabetes: The Diet is More Effective than Low-Fat Foods

The study, the Annals of Internal Medicine, looked at 215 overweight people newly diagnosed with type-2 diabetes who had never been given drugs for the condition. After four years, 44

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The Mediterranean Diet and Brain Health

There is a study that discovered the benefit of the Mediterranean diet to brain health. People who ate Mediterranean-style foods seem to have reduced injury to the brain’s small blood

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How Diet Affects Your Heart Health

The heart is like an engine. Feed it the right fuel and it will work smoothly, but feed it the wrong fuel and it will go crazy. So, you need


Information on How to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

The idea that some time in the future we would forget our loved ones, our past, and ourselves is scary. But to more than 5 million people in North America,