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The Alternative Cat Diet: Feeding Your Cat Without Tinned Food

This is quite a common problem for ex-pats and overseas workers in developing countries. Cats are not, by nature, fussy eaters. They really don’t need foil-wrapped Sheba to survive but

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Neanderthal Diet or Cavemen Eating Habits: Were the Neanderthals Meat Eaters?

The first Neanderthals lived in Europe and parts of Asia around 600,000 to 350,000 years ago. Debate has been going on for years about the Neanderthals’ relation to modern humans

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The food of the third millennium: meat or cereals? PART 1

Every day, the world population increases by 230,000 souls; every day, 230,000 extra that require food. In 1800, the world population reached the figure of 1 billion. In the early

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More protein? PART 2

Of course, the attraction of meat is very high. In China, only in ten years, between 1983 and 1993, the meat consumption has doubled. Currently, the raising of animals consumes

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More protein? PART 1

There are still people who believe that we should consume more meat and fewer cereal products. Loren Cordain, evolutionist biologist from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA, is one of

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Heterocyclic amines PART 2

Besides the fact that a lot of meat is consumed, 78% of the country’s population regularly drink maté, a tea obtained from the plant Ilex paraguariensis, which, as the coffee,

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Heterocyclic amines PART 1

Epidemiological studies have shown that the alimentation is a important factor in the appearance of cancerous diseases. Twenty-five years ago, japanese scientists found a new group of compounds, highly mutagenic

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The body doesn’t need high amount of protein PART 2

Secondly, for sausages and smoked meats to have a nice red color, are added nitrates. It is known that, following reactions of nitrates and various amines are formed nitrosamines with

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The body doesn’t need high amount of protein PART 1

It is very interesting the study carried out on patients with proteinuria and renal failure, whose glomerular filtrate was only 50 ml / min. Through glomerular filtrate or glomerular clearance

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Proteins: Is bad to take the proteins needed only from meat! PART 2

By the heat effect, the amino acids, that naturally are L-mino acids turns into D-amino acids. While L-amino acids are reabsorbed in ratio of 90%, the D-amino acids are excreted,