Sweat-Free Workouts 2

Sweat-Free Workouts 2

Go For A Walk

Walking is easy, enjoyable, and you probably won’t work up a great deal of sweat either, not to mention that you can walk inside, outside, or even at the gym on a treadmill too. Walking isn’t the most intense form of exercise out there, but if you get enough of it, it can certainly help with many different health issues. Just some of the benefits that come along with walking include things like weight loss, blood pressure control, the reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, and can even reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. A really great part about using walking as an exercise is that you can dictate exactly how much of it you’re getting, and you can control the intensity level too. You can go for a short walk for just 10 minutes at a very low intensity, or you can jog for half an hour at a slightly higher intensity. Since this is all about avoiding large amounts of sweat, you will probably want to take longer walks at a lower intensity.


Doing Chores

For some people this may seem like a little bit of a stretch, but if you think about it, housework and dong chores can actually make for a pretty solid low intensity workout. Doing things like the laundry, cleaning your room, cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom, doing dusting and vacuuming and even organizing and sweeping your garage can all be great forms of low intensity exercise. Things like scrubbing the floor with a brush, washing the windows, and changing the sheets on your bed can burn up to 250 calories per hour. Housework in all reality isn’t that fun, but when you consider the fact that it helps you lose weight and keep fit too, it’s really not that bad!


Tai chi

Tai chi is a fantastic way of staying fit, getting flexible, and losing weight, all without the mass amounts of sweating that come along with some other forms of working out. Tai chi is fantastic because it is really relaxing too; it combines the easier sides of martial arts with meditation and stretching in order to achieve some really great results. Just one session of Tai chi can have the effect of burning upwards of 100 calories in just 30 minutes. Besides the weight loss, Tai chi also helps you improve your concentration, coordination, your flexibility, and your core strength as well.


Hitting The Weights

The obvious benefits to weight lifting include things like training your muscles to get stronger and bigger, boosting your metabolism, and strengthening your bones and joints, but there are some others as well. One of those benefits being that you won’t sweat nearly as much as when doing cardio exercises, and that’s because it doesn’t take too much time or effort to get those weights in the air. You can do a full body workout in a matter of minutes by doing some simple weight lifting without ever breaking a serious sweat. One thing to keep in mind is that if you do the weight lifting too quickly, you will start to sweat, and to avoid this, simply take some quick breaks between each exercise.



Yoga is quite similar to Tai Chi and Pilates, and it has just as many benefits as either of them. Yoga is a type of exercise that really makes you use your mind to focus and concentrate on the exercises or poses at hand. That’s why yoga is not only good for your body in terms of core strength flexibility, and mobility, but it is also good for training your brain. Yoga helps people eat better, concentrate more, and achieve a better body image in general, all without ever having to break a sweat. On a side note, there is such thing as Hot Yoga, which involves cranking up the heat to insane levels to get you sweating, and that is something that you are going to want to avoid if you’re scared of your own sweat.



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