Quinoa and Why You Should Eat It

Quinoa and Why You Should Eat It

Quinoa has become a produce known worldwide with increasing demands. That is why farm owners in the southern states of America are producing more quinoa to fulfill the demands. Very few know that quinoa is not new dating back to more than 3,000 years ago. Today, many health shops and food merchants everywhere are selling it.

Quinoa is typically available in the grain section of shops because many think it is a grain. The plant from where this seed was taken is like spinach and chard. Some eat the leaves, too. But since the leaves don’t last, they are not available in the market. You can only get the leaves right where they are harvested. The demand for this seed has risen as well because it is recognized as one of the very best foods with good vitamin and mineral content.

What is Quinoa?

When you take a look at quinoa seeds, they are oval and measure only 2 – 3 millimeters. While the common color is creamy yellow, there are also other types that are black and red in color. If you would like to cook some, you could buy these in dry packages of 500 grams and 1 kilogram. You could use them as an alternative for couscous or rice. With its own unique flavor and properties, it is fairly handy in the kitchen.

Cooking quinoa is a snap. Simply boil it then allow it to simmer for around 10 to 12 short minutes. The ratio of quinoa to water is 1:2. All the water will be absorbed by the quinoa.

Boiled quinoa may be enjoyed like rice and eaten together with meat recipes. Many cooks incorporate it in soups and salads as well. It gets the flavor of the foods you cook it with and brings its own flavor to enhance the overall taste and nutrient of the food.

Quinoa has a rather enjoyable crunch to it when eaten. You may microwave quinoa and put it in casseroles like a thickener. You could as well find quinoa flour and quinoa flakes that you may bake with. Yet you have to be intelligent when making use of quinoa flour because it doesn’t behave like wheat flour.

What Makes Quinoa Special

Quinoa is very special in various ways. Quinoa is acknowledged to be gluten-free so this could be used in the diet of people who have celiac disease. It is at the same time great for vegetarians since it has all of the essential amino acids. It provides the minerals and vitamins you most likely cannot get in other products.

The carbohydrates of quinoa are introduced little by little in the system so this is great for people with diabetes and individuals with other eating related conditions. This makes quinoa a low glycemic index ingredient. Therefore, it’s good for people with diabetes as it is not going to elevate their blood sugar levels.

Consider adding quinoa to your everyday meals. You are going to like its new flavor along with its various health benefits.

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