Physical Transition to a Raw Living Foods Diet

Physical Transition to a Raw Living Foods Diet

Start Eating Raw Living Foods

Starting a raw living foods diet involves the very simple process of adding in more raw foods to your diet. Vegetables, fruits and nuts spring to mind. By leaving these foods raw you are keeping their enzymes intact, not degrading their nutrients and leaving their life force still intact.

It is unnecessary to make drastic changes to your diet. Some people will choose to do so because it suits their personality. It is actually easier to implement dietary and lifestyle changes in a gentle manner, allowing sufficient time for gradual adjustment to new foods.

Source Organic Living Foods

As you add increasing amounts of raw foods it is wise to consider the quality of the raw foods you are eating. Buying locally grown produce will nearly always mean greater freshness and less handling. Organic produce is devoid of chemical sprays in the form of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides etc.

These toxic substances can remain in trace amounts on the outer layer of your produce. Crops not grown organically have less need to protect themselves from predatory bugs and beetles. Due to the pesticide sprays, the soils they are grown in are deficient of beneficial micro flora and many live nutrients.

An organic plant will use the nutritious soil to grow strong and develop immunity against pests. A stronger plant is tastier, crunchier and full of more useful nutrition.

Always Eat the Best Food Available

Remember, if organic foods are unavailable, do not panic. As long as you always eat the best food available, you will always be doing the best for your body. Soaking your produce in diluted apple cider vinegar and water has been shown to remove pesticide residues.

Take action in your community to source organic produce. Educate your friends and family and ask at your local supermarket for them to provide organic.

Start growing your own. Become independent and truly take control of your own wellbeing. This is the only way you can be sure you are really eating the best organic produce. This is a medium to long term solution as it takes time but start right away. Make it your new years resolution to learn how to and begin growing your own vegetables.

Drink Raw Living Vegetable Juice

This is the most important dietary addition. Most of us have been eating poorly for many years and our digestive tracts are coated in massive quantities of impacted fecal waste. This prevents optimum digestion of solid food.

Vitamins and minerals in vegetable juices are suspended colloidally. This means that they take the form of very tiny dissolved particles. These are able to cross the gut wall into the bloodstream, directly to our cells without activating digestion. This means maximum nutrient absorption from minimum expenditure of energy

A higher quality juicer ensures less damage to the nutrients during the juicing process so researching the options before purchasing a juicer is recommended.

Begin Sprouting at Home to Build up Enzyme Reserves

Sprouting a seed activates the enzymes inside it. This initiates the growing process and results in beneficial chemical changes to the seed’s nutrients. Enzymes are responsible for all physiological activities within the body including digestion. Taking on enzymes through dietary sources ensures that the enzymes manufactured by the body are available for detoxification and cell rejuvenation.

The proteins and carbohydrates within a seed are predigested during sprouting making them very easy for our body’s to utilize. Vitamin C, B complex vitamins and many other vitamins are increased many times making sprouts the most concentrated nutrition source available.

Add Immune Boosting Herbs

A major motivation behind most people adding in healthy lifestyle practices is to increase vitality and decrease the incident of disease. A strong immune system ensures infection, sickness and other more serious illnesses cannot take hold within the body.

Raw Organic garlic is a natural antibiotic so makes a great infection fighting addition. Oriental adaptogenic herbs such as Ginseng, Guarana, Ashwaganda and Tulsi all strengthen the immune system. Medicinal mushrooms such as Astragalus, Reishi and Cordyceps are also great immune boosters.

All of these herbs are available in high quality, easily taken supplement form online and in most health food shops around the country. Try a couple at a time and add them into your diet. Some will suit you better than others.

The Benefits of Raw Living Food Diets

Eating raw, living food is the greatest change you will ever implement to your lifestyle. The abundance of nature is laid before each of us and only through partaking of it can we realize our true beauty.

The physical nutrients and the enzymatic energy of raw living foods enable us to fulfill our potential and increase our physical, mental and spiritual functioning to unprecedented levels.

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