Optimum Garcinia Plus – Complete Review (2018 updated) – Scam or not?

Optimum Garcinia Plus – Complete Review (2018 updated) – Scam or not?


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4.1 out of 5

Optimum Garcinia Plus

Have you been trying to lose weight by dieting and exercising, yet you feel frustrated because your efforts are not giving the results you’ve been dreaming of? Well, you’re not alone. There are many people like you who are struggling with weight loss, too.

Now, there’s nothing wrong if you find some help by taking supplemental products. You just need to make sure that the products are safe and proven effective to use. In this article, you will find reviews of two products that have been given good feedback by consumers looking for answers to their weight loss problems. These are Optimum Garcinia Plus and Trim Cleanse.

What is Optimum Garcinia Plus?

Optimum Garcinia Plus is a diet supplement that contains Garcinia Cambogia extract. Garcinia Cambogia is a popular tropical fruit in the dieting world today because of its miraculous fat-burning properties.

The secret ingredient behind this fruit is the Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA found in its rind. It’s been proven by scientific studies that HCA is effective for losing weight.

How does Garcinia Cambogia work?

It works as a fat blocker. According to studies, HCA blocks the enzyme citrate lyase, which is necessary for making fat. So, the body can burn fat better with the help of Garcinia Cambogia.

It increases your serotonin level. Serotonin is a brain chemical which tells your body that it is not yet hungry, thus reducing food cravings.

It reduces your cortisol level. Garcinia helps balance the hormones in your body. With less cortisol, the body does not accumulate as much fat.

What are the Benefits of Taking Garcinia Cambogia?

  • It helps the body burn fat;
  • It increases your metabolism;
  • It helps you get a flat belly, lean legs and firm butts;
  • It helps you have more control over your appetite;
  • It stops the body from storing fat.

Why Should You Buy Optimum Garcinia Plus?

While there are many supplements in the market that claims to have Garcinia Cambogia, here are the reasons why Optimum Garcinia Plus is recommended.

It contains the pure extract of Garcinia Cambogia. The manufacturer claims that the product has no added fillers or binders.

It contains the amount of HCA that is effective and gives satisfying results. Optimum Garcinia Plus contains 1000 milligrams of 60% hydroxycitric acid. That is double the dose of similar products.

It is made in the USA and has been registered at the Food and Drug Administration. These products are made in a GMP certified manufacturing facility and have received the certificate of approval from the FDA.

What is the Proper Intake of Optimum Garcinia Plus for Maximum Results?

Optimum Garcinia Plus is available as 1000-mg capsules. The dosage recommendation for this product is 1 capsule up to 3 times a day. If you want to burn fat and lose weight safely, be sure to follow the proper dosage.

Where Can I Get Optimum Garcinia Plus?

Optimum Garcinia Plus has a special 14-day trial offer. If you place an order for this offer, you can try Optimum Garcinia Plus for two-weeks. At the same time, you are enrolled in the company’s recurring shipping program.

If you do not like the product for any reason, you need to call the company support at least one business day before the 14-day trial ends to cancel your trial offer and subscription to the recurring shipping program. Otherwise, you will be charged for the trial supply. You also need to return the trial supply following the instructions for proper return of the product.

The next product review is about Trim Colon Cleanse. Using this product along with Optimum Garcinia Plus can help accelerate weight loss. Some people have reported experiencing faster weight loss after having a detox.

Getting rid of the toxins and accumulated waste in the colon helps the body absorb nutrients better so that the body functions efficiently. Nine of 10 women have more success with losing weight this way.

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  1. artus s
    artus s 1 July, 2018, 12:02

    I tried Optimum Garcinia Plus and I’m on day 3. So far, I’ve been sweating a lot. Also, I notice my stomach is becoming flat. I don’t feel hungry that much. I eat my meal at 11 am and I still feel full at 8 pm. It works for me, I just don’t know about others.

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  2. Kevyn G.
    Kevyn G. 1 July, 2018, 22:16

    I used Optimum Garcinia Plus for 3 months and I lost 26 pounds. Then I stopped because I hit a plateau. I have not gained nor lost weight since. I did some more research to know what I can do lose more weight. I came across the idea of iodine deficiency. Apparently, this deficiency affects the human body and weight loss. I decided to get a potassium iodied supplement to see if it will help. It did and I lost 10 pounds more. I figured that taking Optimum Garcinia Plus and Iodoral could help me drop more pounds. Lost 3 more pounds actually.

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  3. Em Wilborn
    Em Wilborn 2 July, 2018, 05:50

    I doubt if Optimum Garcinia Plus will indeed work as some claim it can help with “RAPID” weight loss. I took a similar product for three weeks and all I lost is 1.5 pounds. Good luck to those taking this supplement.

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  4. celinda
    celinda 2 July, 2018, 17:20

    I love this product. I did not experience any bad side effects. It’s really natural that’s why there are no side effects. Wow!

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  5. Marylou B
    Marylou B 3 July, 2018, 03:25

    This is so amazing. I’m getting 5 more bottles. Do keep in mind that these products work differently among different people. I may be having good results but others may not. Not eating when not feeling hungry helped me a lot in losing weight. I got myself a hobby of making bows so that I am busy doing something and don’t feel hungry as often. I take 2 capsules a day – at breakfast and at lunch. I lost 17 pounds already in 3 months. I hope you get good results with this product too.

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  6. ruy
    ruy 3 July, 2018, 13:59

    Here’s how I used this product. I take one pill before meals twice a day. If you’re diabetic, pregnant or breastfeeding, don’t take this pill. It can make your blood sugar drop. Consult your doctor if you’re taking medications. I sometimes ask the pharmacist when I’m thinking of adding new medicines. I’m down by 3 pounds in just one week. But I have to tell myself to eat or I might have problems with my nutrient needs. I used a diary to keep track of what I eat.

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  7. Alaine
    Alaine 4 July, 2018, 13:42

    I’ve been taking Optimum Garcinia Plus a little over one month now and I can say that it does suppress my appetite. I can notice my face look smaller and my tummy is a little flatter, too. I will continue using this and will update you with my progress. I’m really pleased with this purchase so far. The fact that I don’t feel any side effects is a plus also.

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  8. Laetitia Merry
    Laetitia Merry 5 July, 2018, 05:08

    I was not really sure if buying Optimum Garcinia Plus is right for me. But I’m glad I did. I’ve been taking it every day and it has helped me live healthier. I feel I have more energy especially now that I lost 15 pounds in 30 days. This is a supplement that I highly recommend.

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  9. Lorie B.
    Lorie B. 6 July, 2018, 02:30

    When I began using Optimum Garcinia Plus, I did not have high expectations about the results. But I was really surprised that I saw positive results in just two weeks. I take the product consistently everyday and my body composition improved. My clothes that had a tight fit have become loose now so they fit me better. I am so happy that I could wear my clothes from two years ago. I have more energy also and don’t feel as hungry. But the credit doesn’t all go to using the product. I am regularly going to the gym and I have implemented small changes to my eating habits. My target weight to lose is 80 pounds and I’m glad that I’m on my way there. It’s not an overnight process but I am doing it. I recommend this product 100%. I hope you see good results too.

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  10. babita clegg
    babita clegg 6 July, 2018, 16:52

    I think this won’t work if you don’t regulate your blood sugar. Carbohydrates increase blood sugar and promote fat storage. So, eat less carbohydrates, especially high glycemic carbs. Do this and the pills may actually do more good. I used the pills with low carb diet and it works better. I’ve had success using herbs like Fenugreek and cinnamon as well.

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  11. joela brunet
    joela brunet 7 July, 2018, 03:30

    I have tried many diet supplements. I tried South beach diet and Atkins diet. But nothing worked right for me except this product. This is actually my second order now. I lost 5 pounds with intake of this Optimum Garcinia Plus supplement. Of course, I also followed healthier eating habits. I saw how Optimum Garcinia Plus helped me manage my food cravings. With less appetite, it was easier for me not to eat more than I should. The result is I lost weight. What’s even more surprising is that I did not feel weak nor moody. I’ve got extra energy that lasted me throughout the day. This is a great discovery for me. I will definitely continue using it.

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  12. ewan g
    ewan g 7 July, 2018, 11:19

    I thought this product will melt the fat away so that there’s no need to diet. But what it actually does, according to the seller, is it will make you feel full for a long time so that you don’t eat as much. That did not work for me. They say that I need to eat healthy and have more exercise to boost the effects of the pills. Well, I’m not sure I could live with that. Good luck to you if you’re taking this supplement.

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  13. bertine andre
    bertine andre 7 July, 2018, 21:29

    To be honest, I have not used the product that much. But when I did take it, I noticed that it curbed my appetite and I was in a better mood. I will give this product another chance. I will drink it again to see if it will help me lose weight. Since I’m going to the gym, if it works, I’m expecting more stellar results.

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  14. Stan Ma
    Stan Ma 8 July, 2018, 00:47

    You will love this detox supplement if you need help with going daily. But be sure to drink lots of water because you don’t want to be dehydrated. When you feel something, be sure to be ready to go to the bathroom. You will feel clean inside.

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  15. Sigrid Copenhaver
    Sigrid Copenhaver 8 July, 2018, 22:21

    Taking this cleansing product worked for me. There were no side effects but I suggest that you drink lots of water. It will help you remain hydrated.

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  16. wiley brinkman
    wiley brinkman 9 July, 2018, 21:38

    I took this supplement for two weeks. Everything was okay when I suddenly suffered from gout flare ups. I’ve been on anti-gout medication for a while now. I don’t know for sure if the gout flare up is because of this product. But I suspect it is. I had to stop intake of the product, which helped ease the pain. It’s sad because I just started seeing a little positive result.

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  17. Mahmoud Baer
    Mahmoud Baer 9 July, 2018, 23:47

    It’s amazing to have this pill because it works. You’d be surprised to see your flat tummy at the same time you will be a few pounds lighter in just one or two weeks. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about safety. If you’re worried that it might put you in uncomfortable situations, start using the product on a weekend. You’ll feel good with this. I already ordered my 3rd bottle.

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  18. Nikaniki Strahan
    Nikaniki Strahan 10 July, 2018, 15:47

    I have tried different products including this. But I like this one so I keep coming back to using this. It helps me to regularly move and it feels great. I recommend you take this especially if you often feel bloated.

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  19. Candida
    Candida 11 July, 2018, 04:02

    What can I say about Optimum Garcinia Plus ! It definitely works. I suggest though that you don’t take any if you’re scheduled to travel. What I do is take the supplement for a few days before I travel or before a special event. That way I lose one or two pounds exactly when I want to.

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  20. Darcy R.
    Darcy R. 12 July, 2018, 22:44

    If you’re taking products like this for the first time, start with taking one capsule two times a day. See first if you can manage the effects. For me, two capsules two times a day is too much. I have to run to the bathroom quickly when I feel it.

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  21. Dag
    Dag 14 July, 2018, 02:49

    I got my order yesterday and took two capsules this morning as suggested in the recommendations. Nothing really happened. When are you supposed to feel it work? This explains my rating for the product.

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  22. Konstanze
    Konstanze 16 July, 2018, 02:26

    I ate a lot of junk during the holiday celebrations. I want to start clean this year so I got this product. I’ve taken two pills the past few days. I find things going too slow, so I increased my intake for a few days. Finally, I got the results I wanted.

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  23. Evangelin F.
    Evangelin F. 18 July, 2018, 15:13

    I’m sorry but this product does not work. After taking this supplement for a month, I did not see any effect – no improved movement and no weight loss. I don’t know why but I’m sure I followed the instructions strictly. I should just have worked out, ate healthily and saved my money.

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  24. Mirabel
    Mirabel 18 July, 2018, 23:24

    My vacation is over and I just need to have a detox to get rid of the nasty stuff. That’s why I bought this product. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about the expected things that are supposed to happen during a cleanse. If you want a colon cleansing supplement, you might just be wasting your money on this.

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  25. Hope
    Hope 19 July, 2018, 08:30

    I don’t know about others but I like this product Optimum Garcinia Plus . I just finished a bottle and it brought me satisfying results. It simply works for me.

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  26. Auberon
    Auberon 19 July, 2018, 14:42

    This sure makes me go to you know where. It’s really good stuff and I feel really clean. I got the bloating and gas taken care of, at last. But you’ve got to drink more water, okay. That will help you get better results.

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  27. Tresa
    Tresa 19 July, 2018, 16:48

    This is a warning for you if you’re taking this product. I have used this and it really works. So please make sure you have air freshener, matches and extra underwear on hand. I’ve been suffering from bloated stomach and it’s gone in just 6 days. I never had cramps and you know what else? See my clear skin. Talk about cleansing inside and out.

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  28. rayshell a
    rayshell a 19 July, 2018, 18:56

    I did not have dramatic results with this nevertheless it helped cleanse my system. I feel so much better. You should give it a try if you want to have a detox.

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  29. Jackie D.
    Jackie D. 19 July, 2018, 22:01

    It’s not easy for me to go. I wanted to get real relief and I finally found it. This product is the real deal. I will definitely continue to use this a long, long time.

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  30. Carlen
    Carlen 20 July, 2018, 13:17

    I feel good. Thanks to this cleansing supplement I don’t have any problem “going” now. I have diverticulitis and I know how painful bowel movement can be. I recommend this product to those who are like me. I love the clean feeling.

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  31. Sherm F
    Sherm F 20 July, 2018, 22:20

    Want a quick and effective cleansing product? I use this cleanse for 14 days when I started. But now, I can get quick relief when I need to. I’ve consumed several bottles already and it never failed me.

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  32. Marilee D.
    Marilee D. 21 July, 2018, 02:18

    Don’t know if you have the same results, but this product works for me. Even if I take only one pill, it is enough to produce the results I need. Taking two pills can be quite harsh on my stomach. So, take it slow the first time.

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  33. hugibert
    hugibert 23 July, 2018, 15:51

    I only used this cleaning product this past week, but I’m impressed with the result. In the past, I spend a lot when I do my cleansing routine because it takes several products to get the results I want. Now, I found a simpler and cheaper way that works. No need for several pills to take. I am feeling great and losing 3 pounds is a bonus.

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