One Minute Cardio Exercises 2

One Minute Cardio Exercises 2
  • The Step Touch With Double Punches – Stand up straight with abs flexed, your palms at your side, and your elbows pointed behind you, then step-touch from side to side while punching your arms forward as you step, then return to your starting position. Make sure to alternate the direction in which you step first in order to get the maximum results. If you like, you can put some sort of marker on the floor on each side of you so you can measure how far you are stepping.
  • Twisting Hop – Start by standing upright with your abs flexed, your hands at your sides and your legs together, also keep your arms bent so that your forearms are parallel to the ground. To do the exercise, hop and twist your lower body to the left while twisting your upper body to the right. Then, hop again to get back to the starting position and repeat the exercise in the other direction. Keep in mind that you should not do this exercise if you have lower back problems, and always keep your back straight when doing it.
  • The Jumping Jack – Start by standing upright with your hands at your sides and your feet together. Then, jump and spread your legs outwards while at the same time raising your arms sideways until they are straight above your head. Follow this by jumping again and return to the starting position. Remember to keep your knees bent and jump softly as to avoid joint injury.
  • Mountain Climbing – For this exercise, start by standing upright, then bend your torso, and your knees if necessary in order to touch the ground with your hands. Then, support your weight on your hands, and move your feet back until you are in the plank position. After this, pull your knees towards your chest one at a time, just as if climbing a mountain. Repeat this twice with each knee and then return to starting position. Make sure to keep your abs flexed and your stomach tight the whole time while doing this exercise.
  • Front Kick and Squat – For this exercise, keep your feet shoulder width apart and stand upright with your hands in front of your face as in a boxing stance. Squat down as far as you can go and then when you raise back up, kick out with one leg in a front kick, then repeat for the other side. To make this harder, make sure that your abs are flexed the whole time. Also, be sure not to lock your knees when you kick out.
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