New Studies Show The Benefits Of Exercising After A Concussion Part 1

New Studies Show The Benefits Of Exercising After A Concussion Part 1

It was previously thought rest and recuperation were the keys to getting over a concussion. As well it was previously believed that there should be no physical exercise or exertion until all of the symptoms of a concussion that has been suffered are gone. There are a few new studies that have shown that exercising within the first week of suffering a concussion will actually reduce the severity of long term side effects of the concussion and will also help reduce the severity of those effects as well as their duration. It is shown that people who exercise after suffering a concussion have just about half the rate of concussion symptoms that persist for more than a month than those who do not exercise within one week of suffering a concussion.

It was previously thought that children should not return to play or return to physical activity before all lingering effects of a concussion have disappeared. However there was a recent study presented at the Pediatric Academic Society suggested that it was in fact important to get back to physical activity in order to counteract the lingering effects of a concussion. Regardless of the severity of the injury and the severity of after effects it is shown that regular exercise done as soon as possible after the concussion will have some very beneficial effects.

The study which was performed was called the “Early Resumption of Physical Activities and Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms Following Pediatric Concussion” and it showed some results that were quite contrary to what was previously believed. The study looked at just over 3,000 children between the ages of 5 and 18 who had suffered head injuries or concussions and they were studied 7 days, 14 days, and 28 days after the injury was received.

The study found that only 58 percent of children still experienced post-concussive system 7 days after the injury was received when they started exercising in the first week, as opposed to 70 percent of children which still experienced symptoms after 7 days when they did not start exercising within the first week. Furthermore the study found that over 78 percent of children still experienced post-concussive symptoms 14 days after the injury when they only started exercising after one week had passed. This shows that the sooner children start exercising after a concussion the sooner they start to fully heal and get rid of post-concussive symptoms.

It was previously recommended that people, especially children, shouldn’t be exercising after getting concussion, specifically until the post concussive symptoms have disappeared. Usually doctors would be shocked that so many people were ignoring their advice to rest and were engaging in physical activity, but as the study shows the fact that people were ignoring their advice and getting back to physical activity actually helped children which suffered from concussions to recover faster than those who did not exercise.

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