Why Natural Collagen Supplement is Good For You

Why Natural Collagen Supplement is Good For You

Collagen is an important substance in the human body. It is a protein that provides structure to connective tissues found in tendons and ligaments. It is also found in the skin, which is what gives it elasticity.

Hollywood celebrities popularized the beauty routine of getting collagen injected into the body. This does give pleasing results albeit on a temporary basis. It requires maintenance procedures at least yearly. Oral natural collagen products are better because it gives more lasting results inside out.

How Natural Collagen Supplements Benefit You

In this article, you will discover how taking natural collagen supplements can benefit you. It’s not just about bringing back vitality to aging skin. There are more benefits that you would be glad to know about.

  1. Beautiful You

Get youthful-looking skin. Collagen production slows down as we age. That is why by the age of 30 our skin starts to lose its luster. Taking collagen supplements help build and repair skin tissues to continue giving the skin a natural glow.

Have naturally beautiful hair. Collagen supplement also benefits the hair on your head thanks to the amino acids and protein of this supplement. These substances are necessary for restoring health and vitality to your hair giving it a natural shine.

Get strong fingernails. Would you believe collagen is also good for strengthening your fingernails? Glycine and proline are the building blocks of healthy fingernail tissues. These amino acids also get depleted as we age, so it’s better to get more of these substances by taking collagen supplements.


  1. Healthy Inside Out

Collagen does not just provide you beautiful and better skin, hair and nails, it also helps your body to function better.

Enjoy smoother digestion. Many do not know it, but collagen has two important functions in our digestive system. First, it helps in the repair of the stomach lining. Second, because collagen is very hydrophilic or water-loving, it helps to direct stomach acids for a smoother digestive process.

Be more flexible. Our joints allow us to make flexible moves because of our tendons and ligaments. But these body parts weaken and lose their elasticity as the protein elastin depletes with age. Collagen supplements provide the needed elastin to have more flexible connective tissues.

Be more energetic. As mentioned above, collagen supplements also contain glycine. Glycine plays a role in stimulating the body to pump sugar into the bloodstream. This encourages the build-up of muscle mass that gives more energy to the body.

Taking collagen does not mean that you will become as young and energetic as you used to be. But it does help provide the essential amino acids that the body loses with age. With the extra boost of collagen supplements, the body is able to repair itself making you more beautiful and healthy inside out.

Why not make collagen supplements a part of your diet and reap all the benefits mentioned in this article. You can be your best as you live, work and play even as you enter into your senior years.

Image by Betsy Jons, Flickr.com – CC BY-SA 2.0

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