Low Carb Diet is Actually a Low-Sugar , Diabetic- Friendly Diet

Low Carb Diet is Actually a Low-Sugar , Diabetic- Friendly Diet

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diabetes now affects nearly 26 million Americans of all ages and according to new estimates, 79 million folks have what doctors commonly refer to as “pre-diabetes.” Add the fact that two-thirds of us are either overweight or obese and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell us we need to reduce the nutrition-less intake of sugared foods and replace them with foods that are better for us. The low carb diet lifestyle does just that.

What is Pre-Diabetes?

This is a standard practitioner’s description for a condition in the human body where blood sugar levels are higher than normal, yet are not high enough to warrant diabetic medication or to be formally diagnosed as a diabetic condition. The majority of cases of diabetes in America are of the type 2 diabetes, developing as the cells continue to lose the ability to process insulin. Weight gain has been cited by experts as a big factor for the type 2 diabetic rise among Americans.

Rates of Obesity

Because the rates of obesity are linked to rising rates of diabetes, a diet that addresses both issues is very important and can help to improve the quality of life of diabetics while playing a big part in preventing diabetes. The carb controlled diet does just that. Many people do not realize that the low carbohydrate lifestyle diet is also a sugar-free or sugar-restricted diet. Diabetics are urged to control their carbohydrates in their daily eating plan.

Cost of Diabetic Meds

One very important reason to not become a diabetic is the cost of medications. Serious complications such as kidney failure, heart trouble and blindness can occur if the diabetes is not managed properly. Medications can run into the hundreds of dollars per month and now costs $174 billion a year, which includes $116 billion in direct medical expenses. A younger diagnosis means the likelihood of eventually requiring multiple diabetes meds, again driving up costs. With the current trend continuing, one in three adults could wind up with diabetes.

Become Low Carb Proactive

It’s time for everyone to become proactive about fighting pre-diabetes and diabetes itself as well as the other chronic disease risk implications of obesity itself, like metabolic syndrome, hypertension, increased stroke and heart disease risks. The costs to maintain a body that produces a lower quality of life is simply pointless. Enjoying their elder years with a healthy quality of life should be the goal of every American.

We Eat Too Much Sugar

Sugar is addictive and the low carb lifestyle addresses this addiction in positive ways, by replacing sugar-laden foods with sweet but better for you choices that are also very tasty and satisfying . last year, the average per capita consumption of added and useless sugar calories was 383 calories per day. No wonder we weight more and are less able to fight chronic diseases.

Eat Low Carb for Life

The controlled carbohydrate lifestyle is a diet fit for life and all food groups can be enjoyed. As far as replacing nutrition-less sugary desserts and bakery products, many reputable online low carb food distributors carry a huge variety of delicious ready-to-eat cookies and snacks as well as easy to prepare muffin mixes, brownie, and dessert mixes. Remember, the standard low carb diet is a sugar-free reduced carbohydrate diet which is perfect for addressing the pre-diabetic and diabetic daily eating plan. Let’s do our part to increase our chances of living a long and enjoyable life.

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