Why Low Calorie Diets Fail

Why Low Calorie Diets Fail

A lot of people are trying to lose weight by following different exercise regimens and diet plans. They work really hard in the gym and strictly follow their low calorie diet plans, but it appears that they don’t see the results they desire.

What is the reason for this? Many who jump into this weight loss program fail to consider how much calories they actually need in order to allow essential life processes to function optimally.  It is simply absurd to go on a diet without knowing the minimum calorie requirement that your body needs.

Reasons why Low-Calorie Diets Don’t Work

Do you want to know why people fail to lose weight with the low-calorie diet? Here are the two reasons why:

  1. Psychological Effect

Do you know what happens when you take in less calories than what your body actually needs? Your brain will respond by telling your body to slow down the digestion of food. This means that your metabolic rate will go down.

This psychological effect is telling your body not to burn fats in your body fast enough. This results in the storage of fats in different parts of your body. Hence, you gain more weight instead of losing pounds.

So, your initial idea that you will lose weight because you are eating fewer calories will only lead to disappointment. It will not happen. On the contrary, you might even gain more weight.

  1. Negative Effect on Muscles

Eating low amounts of calories will lead to loss of your muscles and not your body fat. Initially, you might lose weight, but it’s at the expense of your muscle mass. Your body will lose the muscles it needs. It took you time to build those muscles, but those muscles will be the first to get ruined with low-calorie intake. The bad news is your body fat is still there.

So, in the end a too low calorie diet is not really serving its purpose of weight loss. That goes to show you that dieting is not really about starving your body. What is required is giving your body a balanced diet. When you’re able to keep your muscles healthy with proper diet, they can do their job of burning fats really well.

Bottom Line

So, the secret of a proper diet is one that gives you the right amount of calories – not too low and not too high. Make sure that you get from the foods you eat the minimum calorie requirement of your body. This way, your body can perform the vital tasks necessary for staying healthy and your muscles will keep doing its job of burning fats avoiding their deposit in different parts of your body.

Having adequate energy from the foods you eat will also allow you to perform your exercise regimen more regularly at the gym. You won’t get tired easily and you can do more productive body workouts. In addition, you will have the stamina to perform your job and other day-to-day responsibilities.

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