How to Lose Pregnancy Weight Without Strict Dieting

How to Lose Pregnancy Weight Without Strict Dieting

Many new mothers struggle with trying to lose weight after giving birth. Whether it’s 20 pounds or 50 of extra baby weight, it can feel like you will never get your body back. If you are interested in finding new and simple ways to lose pregnancy weight, here are some tips that can help you lose the extra weight and keep it off.

Forget the Strict Diets that are Hard to Stick To

Every time we turn around, there is a new diet on the market. Some of these diets over time prove to be unsuccessful or even unsafe. Recently popular diets include:

  • the hCG Diet
  • the Green Tea Diet
  • Weight Watchers
  • Atkins Diet

While some of these diets have been successful and can help you lose pregnancy weight, some require drastic changes in one’s diet that can be hard to stick to for a long period of time. This is one main reason for why strict diets do not work for many women to keep the weight off. Unless you stick to the diet, the weight comes back.

What may be more effective than fad dieting is to include some of the ideas from these diets and incorporate them into your current plan to lose pregnancy weight. For example, cutting back on fats, sugars and empty calories is an important part of a healthy plan to lose weight.

Find Exercise that You Enjoy to Lose Pregnancy Weight

If exercise is torture for you, it will be important to find a type of physical exercise that you enjoy. Walking, running, swimming, finding a sport or joining an aerobics class are a good start. Physical fitness experts also recommend alternating between moderate and higher intensity exercise within the same day or on different days.

Starting an exercise program that works for you is the first step. Sticking to it without giving up is often the biggest hurdle. It can take a month or more for the exercise to become a part of a routine or daily habit. How much exercise do you need in order to lose weight?

Do Strength Training Exercises to Tone Your Body

Work with a trainer to find out what strength training exercises you can include in your plan to lose the extra pregnancy weight. Since another barrier to sticking to an exercise plan is getting injured, be extra careful at least in the beginning that you start gradually and do the exercises properly to avoid injury.

Strength training with weights alone will not generally result in weight loss; however, it can increase your flexibility, tone your body and cause less strain in household chores.

Exercise With a Partner and Hold Each Other Accountable

Another barrier to sticking with any exercise plan is boredom. If you find a partner to exercise with who is waiting for you and will hold you accountable, it will be harder to change your mind at the last minute and decide to skip exercising.

Some great ideas to exercise with a partner in your goal to lose pregnancy weight include playing tennis, walking, hiking, cycling or a spinning class.

Replace Carbohydrates with More Proteins, Fruits and Vegetables

Take a look at how many carbohydrates you are eating on a daily basis. If you have cereal or a bagel for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner, carbohydrates may be the bulk of your diet, especially if you eat snack like pretzels, cookies, chips or crackers for snacking.

While eliminating all carbohydrates is not healthy for most people, replacing carbs with proteins can help you lose pregnancy weight. In fact, research shows that groups of women were able to lose the most weight if they exercised and cut back on their carbohydrates.

Losing pregnancy weight is challenging for many new mothers. However, learning simple ways to shed calories with healthy eating and exercise can help.

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