The HCG Diet Explained and Broken Down For Full Understanding

The HCG Diet Explained and Broken Down For Full Understanding

Currently in the United States, the number of diet programs that flood the marketplace is growing. With each diet program there are significant benefits and on the flipside, negative benefits. One of the diets making headway is the HCG diet. One can often see billboards riddled with words claiming the HCG diet, in fact, works and provides quick weight loss. The variety of different programs can make choosing a program quite difficult and understanding the HCG diet may prove equally difficult.

HCG Diet Explained

According to the HCG diet website, HCG is a female hormone that becomes present in the body during pregnancy. HCG stands for Human Choriogonadotropin. Scientist have reproduced and isolated this hormone in laboratory trials and thus, the HCG hormone has become popular in the use of HCG diets. One should note that the HCG hormone had its first discovery in the 1920s, but was not used as a weight loss supplement until three decades later. Now in 2017, one sees the increase in the use of this hormone.

How the HCG Diet Works

Discovery Health describes the HCG diet as a treatment that lasts for at least 26 days. A daily shot of the HCG hormone will be required for the first 23 days. The treatment can last up to 40 days. This depends on the amount of weight loss that has occurred the first 26 days. In addition to receiving daily HCG injections, HCG patients will restrict their caloric intake to 500 calories per day. The food consumed in this 26 to 40-day cycle will consist primarily of high protein and minimal carbohydrates. The dieter will not feel hungry because the calorie deficiency is made up by the fat the HCG is burning off. The treatment should not last more than 40 days because the body builds up a resistance. HCG injections can continue after a six-week break to lose additional fat. HCG should not be abused.

The Benefits of the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet provides a number of benefits. These include: rapid weight loss in minimal time, virtually no hunger pains, doctor supervision, and metabolism maintenaince. These benefits are only achieved with the strict following of the meal plan provided with the HCG diet.

Side Effects of the HCG Diet

Even with the profound benefits of the HCG diet, there are still some side effects that users should be aware of. These include: headaches, low caloric intake, and mild swelling. Some individuals may feel the side effects of the HCG diet and some may not. One must fully prepare themselves for these possible side effects.

When considering any diet, one should contact his or her physician first. With the massive amounts of diet programs in circulation, choosing one to follow may seem an insurmountable task. The key to choosing the right diet plan is evaluating one’s personal needs and figuring out if a particular diet plan fits into his or her life style. Customization is key.

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