Happy Hour: How to Survive it on a Diet

Happy Hour: How to Survive it on a Diet

Happy Hour can be a time for you to unwind after a long, stressful day at work or to re-connect with old friends. If losing weight is one of your goals, you may find happy hour to be a major derailment in your efforts. While many alcoholic drinks and appetizers are full of calories, fat and sugar, it is possible to order items that are low-fat and actually good for you!

Suggested Drinks

Wine, champagne and light beer are all 100 calories or less from a small glass, which makes them some of the best choices for happy hour drinking. To cut the calories even more from wine or champagne, ask for a wine spritzer, which is wine mixed with tonic water to break up the calories.

Although it seems light, a typical martini will be about 200 calories so save these for nights when you plan on working out or eating very light.

Drinks to Avoid

The highest calorie drinks are those with milk or cream as the main component, like a White Russian or Pina Colada. Avoid mixed drinks as these often contain sugar-ridden juice. Frozen drinks like margaritas should also be avoided as they tend to arrive in large glasses, causing to drink much more than the recommended amount per serving.

Suggested Appetizers

If you plan on having appetizers with your happy hour friends, choose your selection carefully. Go for a light salad with vinaigrette, a wrap with grilled chicken or fish, or veggies with hummus. Always ask for dressing on the side and skip the cheese whenever possible. If you want to share in the chips and salsa, put some on a small plate so you don’t over-indulge. These simple changes make a big impact on your daily calories.

More Dieting Tips

Eat a light meal before happy hour to avoid greasy appetizers. That way you know exactly how many calories you are consuming.

Limit yourself to one or two drinks maximum. Nurse your drink so it lasts longer but appears as if you have been drinking all night with your friends. Order a glass of water with lemon once you have reached your limit.

When the appetizers arrive, place a small portion on a small plate so you can keep track of how much you eat.

Happy hour doesn’t have to be a miserable experience where you feel like you are missing out. Watch your portion control and pay close attention to your food and drink choices.

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