Germs at The Gym 3

Germs at The Gym 3

All Cardio Machines

Anything that has to do with cardio means that people are going to be sweating a lot. Things like treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines are all fantastic for training your cardiovascular system, and that means working up a real sweat. However there is also a bad side to this because everybody uses the same machines, and everybody gets their sweat and germs all over them, especially so when you get those inconsiderate people that don’t wipe them down after use.

We aren’t going to tell you not to use the cardio machines and just use your own at home, because if you did have a home gym, then chances are you wouldn’t be at your local health club. Something you can do to avoid the germs on any cardio machine is to use the sanitizing spray before and after your workout, and make sure that you get all of the parts of the machine that you are going to be touching. Another good idea is to bring along your own bottle of hand sanitizer which you should use before and after touching the equipment.



Free Weights And Weight Machines

Besides cardio machines, weight machines also pose a big risk of spreading illness and disease, and possibly even more so than the cardio machines. This is because cardio machines usually only involve minimal contact with the machine itself, whereas doing weight lifting with a machine usually involves greater bodily contact; more or even most of your body is touching a weight lifting machine when you’re using it properly. Once again, you probably don’t have a home gym, so you can’t really avoid the weight lifting machines, but what you can do is to use that good old sanitizing spray and hand sanitizer too.



The Gym Bag

Another area that puts you at risk of picking up bacteria or viruses is your own gym bag. First of all, always store damp and sweaty clothes in a separate bag, and always wash them afterwards. Leaving sweaty gym clothes in your bag for too long without washing them will cause mould and other bacteria to grow. As well, gym bags put you at risk because they come into contact with the benches and floors, benches and floors that feet and butts of thousands of others have touched. That gym bag can put you at risk of developing a staph infection, novo-viral infections, and even e-coli poisoning; yes, that’s right, there is fecal matter on the floors of your gym!

A good way to avoid getting sick because your gym bag is now covered with other people’s sweat and germs is to get a gym bag that isn’t going to absorb as much or any of the germs. That means not using a gym bag that is made out of fabric, instead use one that is made out of vinyl or plastic. Also, use a disinfecting spray when you get home to wipe down both the outside and the inside of your gym bag.



The Towels

Ok, just don’t ever use the towels in your gym, they are disgusting, there’s no other way to put it. Many gyms, even though they boast great cleanliness standards, aren’t actually very clean, and if you look far enough, it’s not hard to find a gym that doesn’t actually wash their towels properly, and that means getting other people’s germs all over your body just after cleaning yourself off in the shower.

Even if the towels have been washed properly, they are then stored in baskets and other areas which also might pose a risk of transferring germs to those towels. Once again, just bring and use your own towel, and don’t let it come into contact with anything but yourself and your own gym bag.

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