Fuelling Up For A Race

Fuelling Up For A Race

Running is a great way to keep fit, stay healthy, train your body, and especially to work out your cardiovascular system. One really great thing about running is that you can compete against yourself, setting personal records, and not having to focus on anybody else. There are many different kinds of races out there that consist of various lengths, and whether it’s a short race or you’re running the Iron Man Marathon, you need to make sure that your gas tank is full. By this we don’t mean filling up your car to get to the race, we mean filling up your stomach to run the race!


Having the right nutritional diet and eating the right amounts of food, as well as staying properly hydrated, are very important when it comes to running a race. Your body needs fuel, and that fuel is called food. You can’t eat any foods though, and you can’t eat an unlimited quantity of them either, and that’s why below there are some great tips when it comes to fuelling yourself for that big race. Remember, fuelling up for your big race, as well as fuelling up during the race is not set in stone. It involves a lot of trial and error. Everybody’s body is different, and everybody is going to need slightly different types of foods as well as different amounts; just keep that in mind when reading the tips below.


Nutrition During Training


The old adage holds true in the case of running, you are what you eat, and what you eat will greatly affect how much energy you have, as well as your overall ability to finidh a race. Your diet should consist of a healthy and balanced mix of things like carbohydrates (the good kind), proteins, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats too. If you plan on racing soon, then you need to start making changes to your diet right away, and these changes don’t have to be huge, just start out with baby steps and slowly work your way towards it. Foods like seeds and nuts are great in terms of running because they contain both proteins, good fats, and carbs too; they’re a one stop snack for all of your racing energy needs!


Another thing that you need to pay attention to while training for that big race is to stay properly hydrated. Running, especially in the heat or on a hill can cause you sweat profusely, and that can quickly lead to dehydration, something that is both very dangerous to your body and will also affect your ability to run. When you aren’t training you should drink about 8 cups of water per day, and when you do train you should drink even more to make up for the liquid lost as well as to support healthy recovery.


The Day Before The Big Race

You need to make sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet the night before the race, because that will go a long way in ensuring that you have the required energy to run the race. One thing that you should do is to load up on carbs, because carbs are the things that get transformed into energy, the same energy that you need to not only run the race, but win it too. You don’t need to load up on carbs quite as much as everybody says, and a part of this is because your diet probably already includes a lot of carbs. That being said, if you are running a shorter race, the night before you are going to want to eat some extra carbs. Also, if you are running a full marathon, you are going to want to eat even more carbs. Keep in mind though, everything is healthy and beneficial within reason, so you should never overload on carbs because that can end up doing more harm than good. Things that are recommended to eat the night before the big race include things like breads and pasta, and while you may be a fan of multigrain or whole wheat, you actually want to choose the white refined options. This is because the refined flours contain much less fiber, and fiber means bathroom breaks.

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