Flat Belly Diet Diabetes by Liz Vaccariello, Book Review

Flat Belly Diet Diabetes by Liz Vaccariello, Book Review

No diet is simple and few diseases are easy to deal with. Diabetes is a difficult but manageable disease that requires those who have it to be smart and focused. Liz Vaccariello is an author and an editor-in-chief at Prevention. And in this book, “Flat Belly Diet Diabetes” published by Rodale Press (ISBN 978-1-60529-685-2), she helps to steer, direct and teach diabetics and non-diabetics some important steps and paths toward a better quality of health and life.

Flat Belly Diet Diabetes, A Dozen Chapters of Insight, Understanding, Testing, Diet and Exercise

There are no guarantees to any diet because there are many variables involved in all types of dieting. Diets are all about balancing calories taken in and calories burned up. All foods usually have calories – some foods have lots of calories, others have few. Vaccariello does not guarantee you will lose up to 12 lbs in 5 weeks, but she believes most people can and she has candidates pictured who did just that. The “Flat Belly Diet Diabetes” is a modest book on that score for you can see a dozen, ordinary people who made great strides in improving their diabetic or pre-diabetic situations – and that is where we want to go with this book.

Chapters 1 and 2 outline the plans for those who need it including those who have:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • a prediabetic diagnosis
  • waistlines of 40 inches (men) and 35 inches (women). This is termed “visceral fat” and it is not healthy and is often causes dangerous inflammatory body reactions.
  • an age of 45 years or greater
  • warning signs of “insulin resistance”, or “metabolic syndrome” or both. Metabolic syndrome is characterized by the waistline issue above, elevated triglyceride levels and low HDL levels, elevated blood pressures and elevated fasting glucose levels. Combinations of two or more of these are warning signs of metabolic disorders.
  • developed gestational diabetes during pregnancy or delivered a baby over 9 pounds
  • a family history of diabetes
  • high-risk racial or ethnic group profiles that predispose them to diabetes
  • overweight features or inactive lifestyles or both

The 28 days or 5 weeks and monitoring your weight and following your AC-1 level is a critical part of this early attack on diabetes and weight because management of blood sugar and the AC-1 levels (a measure of long-term glycosylated or sugared blood) are very important.

Flat Belly Diet Diabetes, A Dozen Chapters of Insight, Understanding, Testing, Diet and Exercise

The book quickly moves to the foods of choice to get to a healthier state and weight loss. Good fats known as MUFAs, or monounsaturated fats, are emphasized as very important. MUFAs represent part of a Mediterranean style diet which has been shown to have tremendous health benefits. Vaccariello explains that MUFAs satisfy appetite, aid weight loss, target visceral fat, fight metabolic syndrome, help reduce inflammation and protect the heart and are part of the Flat Belly Diet for Diabetes. In essence, MUFAs are natural and great food components! Oils, nuts and seeds, avocados, olives (be careful of the salt in olives) and dark chocolate are very beneficial, special foods.

Fruits and vegetables and whole grains fold into the diet picture here too.

  • Chapter 4 is to “Know Your Numbers” for sugar, AC-1, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and blood pressure. Monitor your food, weight, metabolic sugar and AC-1 numbers and look for the good and bad signs.
  • Chapter 5 involves ways to: relax and relieve stress, not to eat emotionally and exercise intelligently.
  • Chapter 6 involves the four rules to follow: 4 meals a day that do not exceed 400 calories each; eat about every 4 hours and never miss that mark by going beyond four hours; eat a MUFA at every meal; exercise most days of the week.
  • Chapter 7 is the “The 7-Day Startup Plan.”which shows how to start and integrate the right foods at the right times and how to balance your day with meals, movement and relaxation.
  • Chapter 8 captures the essence of the full 28-day plan and reviews all of the basics of Chapter 6’s four rules and plots these out nicely for a diet guide.
  • Chapter 9 is a great selection of meals: “The 28 Day Plan: Quick and Easy Meals” has multiple food choices for the four meals over the diet plan’s 28 days.
  • Chapter 10 is “The 28 Day Plan Recipes” section and it is loaded with wonderful recipes and food selections to please the eyes and palate and each meal includes the caloric values for that meal to keep everyone calorically honest.
  • Chapter 11. “The Flat Belly Diet Diabetes Workout” will help you burn calories, tone muscles and lose weight intelligently and correctly. These exercises are geared to well-tested and medically-acceptable movements and positions for almost all persons.
  • Chapter 12. “The Flat Belly Diet Diabetes Journal” helps you keep track and be honest in your journey of weight control, loss and management.

The “Conclusion” is an unnumbered final chapter of about a dozen pages that hopefully marks the beginning of a better and real-life chapter in the reader’s and the doer’s life. The title of the “Conclusion” is simply “Day 36 and Beyond”. This summarizes, reviews and gives perspectives about journaling, testing, support people and support teams and the Editor-in-Chief, Liz Vaccariiello concludes this book as follows: “This plan is less about achieving an ideal body than it is about creating a healthier life. If you remember nothing about the Fat Belly Diet but the fact that a healthy diet featuring a MUFA at every meal could help rescue your blood sugar and save your life, then I’ve done my job. And you’ve done yours.”

This is a quality, useful, informative book for diabetics, pre-diabetics, persons with metabolic syndrome and anyone who simply wants to learn more about good nutrition and better health.

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