Finding Ways to Get Over Your Diet Excuses

Finding Ways to Get Over Your Diet Excuses

Are you lying or making excuses about your diet? A survey says that many women do.

It takes a lot of responsibility to lose weight. You need to be committed to exercising, watching your food intake and limiting your food serving portion. It’s not an easy task and actually many women are caught overstating how well they are doing it, states a survey of 3,000 women in the U.K.

Women Lie About Their Diet

Timex conducted the survey and found that many women lie about their eating habits, about 9 times a week or 474 times per year.

The most common lie they tell themselves is “It was only a small portion.”

Most often, women lie when eating desserts, bread, cheese, fries, burgers, beer and wine. Women who confessed that they failed to eat well although they did try their best is 68 percent of the surveyed women. Those who lied about their healthy eating habits to cover up the reality that they are not as healthy as they look is over 40 percent of the women.

Top Ten Lies

Women don’t always tell the truth when it comes to dieting and listed below are the 10 lies that top the list.

I ate only a small portion.
After this big lunch, I will not eat as much.
I deserve a treat every now and then.
My daily diet includes 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.
No eating biscuits for me.
I just had one glass.
I didn’t take the last piece.
This is the last food I will eat for the day.
I didn’t have my lunch.
I’ll have it now or it will no longer be any good later.

Tips to Avoid These Lies

If you’ve ever used any of these diet excuses, here are some tips that may help you overcome these bad excuses.

1. Weigh yourself

According to a survey, people who use the scale everyday and monitor their weight tend to succeed more in losing pounds compared to those who do not weigh themselves regularly.

2. Watch your calorie intake

There are computer programs, mobile apps and tools, such as the Everyday Health’s My Calorie Counter, which you can use to monitor the amount of calories of the food you eat.

3. Have a diet partner

Look for a friend who also wants to lose weight. Be accountable to each other and encourage one another in achieving your weight loss goals.

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