Finding A Workout Plan To Stick With 2

Finding A Workout Plan To Stick With 2

Planning to Exercise


In order to accomplish the goals that you have set yourself, you need to make a good workout plan. A large part of accomplishing your goals is finding the right kind of exercise for you. Some people like to play team sports, some like to play single competition sports, some people like swimming, some like cardio machines, so like yoga, and some people love to pump iron. You need to realize that not every type of workout is going to suit you, and everybody likes a slightly different style of exercise. Eventually, with a little bit of research and maybe some trial and error too, you will find something that you like without a problem. Don’t try to start a type of exercise or workout routine that is too hard or does not seem reasonable to keep going with over the long run. You need to find something that won’t cause you to burnout during the first few weeks or even the first few days. You should always try to start a workout routine that includes strength training, cardiovascular training, and all other forms of exercise if possible.


Find The Right Location and Time


One of the biggest excuses that people use to skip a workout, or to not workout at all, is that they just don’t have the right place or the time to exercise. You need to find the right time to work out, and that’s a time that fits your schedule. Maybe you work all day, maybe you have classes, maybe you have kids, or maybe you are a CIA agent with missions all over the world. Ok, so maybe the last one is a little unrealistic but the point of the matter is that you need to find the right time and you need to stick with it. This is because the human body needs a precise routine if you want to get used to something like exercising. If you wake up every day and workout as soon as you get up, or workout as soon as you are done work, then it will become a habit, and habits are hard to break. Once you have figured out a time then you really need to stick with it. This is especially important for the first few days because once it becomes routine then you won’t even have to think about it anymore, you will just do it because it’s the time of the day to exercise. You also need to find the right place to exercise. Some people like to exercise at the park, some people like the gym, and some people like to work out in the privacy of their own home. You need to find the place that you enjoy working out in the most because that will make it a lot easier for you.


Turn It Into A Habit


The general rule of thumb is that it takes 3 weeks or 21 days to fully form a habit, and that goes for eating, exercising, and anything else habitual too. For some people it may take as little as 14 days and for some it might take as long as a full month to get a routine turned into habit. The science behind this is that the brain creates synaptic pathways when you do something over and over again at the same time and in the same way. As these pathways get established in your brain it slowly becomes easier and easier to do. You need to continue dragging yourself through the exercise routine until it becomes a habit, and that may be easier said than done. However with the other tips that we have given you it really shouldn’t be all that hard. Even doing different work outs on different days can help you form a habit as long as you do them in the same order on the same days of the week. Have you ever gotten into the habit of smoking, eating junk food, or even staying up way past your bedtime? Well if you have then you know that habits are very hard to break, and once you have turned you exercising into a habit it will also be hard to break. It becomes nearly impossible to stop exercising one it has become habit and turned into a solid routine.

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