Fast Diets for Wedding Day Perfection: Fit Into That Wedding Dress or Tux and Look Like a Million Bucks

Fast Diets for Wedding Day Perfection: Fit Into That Wedding Dress or Tux and Look Like a Million Bucks

Ready for a weight makeover? Whether the goal is weight loss for the bride or for the groom, the results will be just as amazing. Remember, the big day may be fast approaching, but there’s always enough time to get dream results, whether the goal is just a couple of pounds, overall toning, or a drastic weight loss. These ideas are set to inspire even the most discouraged bride or groom. Pick the one that fits best and watch the results happen almost instantly!

Just a note: Always check with a doctor or physician before trying any new weight loss program or diet program.

Jenny Craig

It only costs about $60 a week, plus shipping and membership fees, and is delivered right to the door! Menus include foods like chicken parm and turkey burgers, but the complaints are that portions are small. But small portions lead to small people, right? This diet is healthy, will include all the nutrients needed and weight loss will be a cinch.


NutriSystem includes a week of food and a personal consultant for around $55 a week. All that’s needed is a microwave and willpower to make this diet work. And while some of the menu options don’t get rave reviews from members, there are still some that are quite tasty.

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet

Kim Kardashian is being sued by this company after claiming that it’s unhealthy, but it’s still worth a try. $59 a week provides a weeks worth of low-fat cookies in five tasty flavors. Think Balance bars that are delicious and high in protein and fiber. The plan substitutes breakfast and lunch for these sweet alternatives and gives recipes for healthy dinners. Cookies lovers – this recipe’s got your name on it.

Medifast Delivery

This plan works – and it works fast. With nothing but 800-1000 calories allowed daily, some users report losing up to five pounds every week. Medifast offers up to 70 options for daily meals, at about $11 per day. Even though portions are small (to be expected for such drastic weight loss results), they’re pretty delicious and this menu is customizable to personal tastes and busy schedules.

Exercise will only help to drop pounds quicker. Find a trusted trainer to trouble-spot those problem areas and continue the diet regime. But remember bride and groom: Nothing and no one will ruin the special day that is yours alone. Enjoy your wedding and have fun on that honeymoon!

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