Everything You Need To Know About Foam Rollers

Everything You Need To Know About Foam Rollers

A foam roller is a really great exercise and stretching tool to have around the home because when used in combination with regular exercise it can help you achieve some really amazing results. A foam roller may not sound like much, but when you hear what it can do you will definitely change your mind.

The Benefits Of Using A Foam Roller

There are many different benefits that come along with using a foam roller, each of them being absolutely fantastic when a roller is used in combination with regular exercise. A foam roller is especially useful to relieve pain and increase flexibility, especially when done on a regular basis before and after a strenuous exercise routine. Let’s talk about all of the benefits that come along with using a good foam roller.

Increased Blood Flow

One of the biggest benefits that comes along with using a foam roller is that it will help to increase your blood flow. For anybody that exercises a lot you will know that a high amount of blood flow is crucial to being able to get through a strenuous exercise routine. Having increased blood flow to your extremities and all of your muscles in general comes in very useful for working out.

Your muscles require good blood flow during a workout because your blood is what carries oxygen, oxygen being needed for your muscles to function properly. The more oxygen is being delivered to your muscles, the more you will be able to do and you will be able to do it for much longer.

A foam roller is great because since it increases blood flow it lets you lift more weight and you will be able to do way more reps. Thus you will also achieve your work out goals much quicker because you can do just that much more. Cardio and weight training both require good blood oxygen levels, something that a foam roller can definitely help with.

Squatting Made Easier

One of the things that a foam roller can really help with is with your squat routine. This is because trying to do squats with really tight and cold muscles can be really difficult and getting as low down as you should go for maximum results is really hard when your muscles haven’t been properly warmed up.

Using a foam roller to relax your muscles before doing squats is a great way to increase your leg work out results because it loosens them up and allows you to squat lower. Squatting lower means using your muscles more and getting a harder workout, thus achieving more in the process.

Relieving Knot Pain

Knots really suck to have in your muscles because they can be very uncomfortable, limit your range of motion, and worst of all they can be very painful. These muscle knots usually form when you exercise way too much, more so when you exercise using improper technique or form. Exercising isn’t the only thing that can cause these knots to form, even working on your feet all day or sitting at your office desk can definitely create knots too.

The direct pressure that foam rollers apply to your muscles when you roll over them goes a very long way in getting of muscle knots. The pressure applied by a foam roller is like using a rolling pin to get rid of lumps in dough when making bread. The foam roller literally steam rolls the knots right out of the muscles by flattening them out and relaxing the muscles so they go back to their proper shape and form.

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