What to Eat to Naturally Suppress Your Appetite

What to Eat to Naturally Suppress Your Appetite

Many people who wish to lose some pounds go on a diet and do regular workouts. But they get to the point that they need to do something more to achieve their goal. One option they explore is taking appetite suppressants. But the majority of appetite suppressants could only be purchased with doctor’s prescription. Having said that, are there any natural appetite suppressant that can help minimize food cravings?

If you’re not aware you can actually buy all-natural suppressants. There are selected nourishing food products that can suppress craving for food. Consuming these can help you feel full a bit longer even without eating a lot. What’s more, there are no adverse effects to worry about.

Foods that are Natural Appetite Suppressants

Here are some recommended foods that can help curb your food cravings.

Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are pretty nutritious and could make you feel fuller because of their good dietary fiber content. You also get vitamins and minerals from foods like avocados, apples, steamed spinach, carrot sticks, yams and celery. Eating these foods won’t make you feel as famished as before.

Whey Protein

According to research, people who habitually consume whey protein eat less and thus have lower calorie intake. Whey protein is best consumed when incorporated in healthy smoothies and helps drinkers to suppress their cravings. Foods that contain whey protein include ricotta cheese.


Oatmeal is slow-digesting and contains a substantial amount of complex carbohydrates. And so, it can make you feel satiated for a number of hours after consumption. Oatmeal has also been found to suppress the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are polyunsaturated fats and essential fatty acids important for metabolism. Salmon helps a person get more leptin, a hormone that suppresses hunger. You could swap herring or tuna for salmon since they can benefit you in the same manner as salmon.
Dark Chocolates

If you are a lover of chocolates and often lack self-control, then you should give dark chocolate a chance. Dark chocolates are recognized to be helpful in decreasing cravings for sweets and controlling the appetite.

Appetite Suppressants Help You to Lose Weight

Appetite suppressants can help you feel satiated. Thus, you can keep yourself from snacking or eating just because you feel bored. If you’re eating less, you get the additional energy you need to have from the stored fat inside you. This is good because it enables you to drop some weight.

Don’t expect that you will lose weight quickly with the intake of doctor prescribed appetite suppressants. The truth is, you might feel a lot of side effects, for instance, stress, high blood pressure levels, xerostomia and agitation. Appetite Suppressants have been found really good at curbing hunger, however, there’s certainly no promise of fast weight loss.

The healthful way for losing weight is to eat natural appetite suppressants. There are no complications and when used together with exercise and diet, they could work wonders for your health.

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