Does beauty mean being slim? – Part 2

Does beauty mean being slim? – Part 2

Women in their 40s

As a woman you confront yourself with a lot of stereotypes – that over 30s you start to get older already while males simply flourish and just become men from boys; that once you have kids you get less time for yourself and you put all your efforts in a lot of projects but yourself and your looks; that you become less attractive over years and youth simply wins it all.

Is it all true? Does aging bring only bad stuff and labels you in a category that you cannot get out from? Does a wrinkle or two takes all your shine away?

Believe me, in the 21st century this conception has long passed away. Or it is completely obsolete.

Women in their 40s have understood or must understand that it is now their time. With kids that do not require non stop attention because they grew up, with an active lifestyle that allows them to prove in so many fields, women in their 40s feel it is their time.

They are the ones who have acknowledge so much experience over the years that they can “wear” their age proudly and being detached from all the stereotypes. A woman in her 40s is able to show trust in herself, she feels more secure to put forward her opinions and why not – she feels more powerful .

A smart woman in her 40s knows how to share young ladies some of her experiences but also how to respect youth. Because she knows she has a different type of beauty .A woman in her 40s knows how to wear a red lipstick and is more receptive and tolerant to others simply because she has gone through many situations so far.

And she knows how to reveal her beauty – a studied beauty, an elegant one, a beauty shaped over the years.

However, it is up to her to shape this beauty as well . It is the time when more care is needed, more attention to her body and soul. It is the century when an arsenal of treatments, of natural remedies can be used to preserve a younger and fitter look – it is only up to you to choose the one that fits you.

The idea is that, unlike past generations, now you have a lot of options, affordable ones. With the wisdom of the age, all you have to do is take time for yourself. And you will definitely break all stereotypes. It is your time, ladies!

In your 20s – need help or feel the king of the world?

When so young, you expect everything from the world. And yes, you feel invincible, you feel nothing harm can touch you. It’s also because your body is helping you more than it will do later.

It is now the age when you recover very fast after a long party, it is now the time when you can try all kind of crazy things and still benefit from the indulgence of more mature people (they did the same at you age..). However, it is also the time when you can do mistakes, because you are in the process of becoming a responsible grown up and mistakes are part of the learning process.

One of them is forgetting to control your body weight simply because you believe the body is so young that it can manage by itself. And you have to learn it the hard way that it is not entirely like this.

Do not feel lost and depressed – many people in their 20s have been trapped in this and are now facing weight problems. The most important thing is that you realize it is a problem that will not go by itself and find motivation to overcome it.

With the “on the go” lifestyle of young people, it is easy to always have the soda can with you or grab a sandwich instead of enjoying a healthy lunch. Despite the fact you are at a young age, the body reaches a point when he cannot fight by itself with all these extras.

Once the harm has been done, it makes no sense in pushing yourself into another trap – that of becoming more and more depressed, continue to eat more and give up the activities your fellows do.

On the contrary – try to do sports, have a walk in the park or go running. If you feel tired, motivate yourself by thinking how much of these moments you will loose if you turn to a sedentary lifestyle . And you are only in your 20s!

Choose a wise diet – think of your health and try to eliminate fried stuff or greasy food. Go for a diet that combines different cures with healthier food – your health will improve as well, not only your looks.

Again, you have now the power and the strength to change this! Do not let weight gain take over your life – you have just started your independent life as an adult, the last thing you want is to put an end to all you could do. It is all in you, do not hesitate to make the change!

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