Does beauty mean being slim? – Part 1

Does beauty mean being slim? – Part 1

For sure any woman feels a bit under pressure with all the popularity around perfect shaped Hollywood star – long legs, slim waist – so slim you wonder what does she eat?!
And for sure, the life of a non-star woman is far from revolving exclusively around spas and personal trainers, weight loss diets or latest skin treatments that make you look 10 years younger.

However, the dilemma arises: should I just try and feel confortable the way I look or should I aim for more?

Before answering yourself this and maybe be tempted to make a decision on your comfort zone, perhaps you should consider one aspect that generally prevails (or should) in the discussions about looks: your health.

Generally, the inner beauty reflects itself outside. If you feel good on the inside, that is if you are healthy, will for sure reflect on the outside looks. But this state of wellbeing comes most of the times with a little effort. Or better said, with a little care.

Take some time to exercise – not run the marathon, but do a bit of stretch exercises everyday because the body gets older year over year and needs help to cope with everyday stress, rush and 9 hours at the office, seated on a chair. Be careful with what you eat – you do not live to eat, but eat to live.
Indulging yourself everyday without keeping an eye on calories, fats, oils or fried food not only puts on some weight but affects your inner health as well: the liver will function harder, the digestion process will be harmed. And the examples can continue endlessly because the inner and the outer well being are so well connected.

There is a reason why doctors recommend a certain weight for a certain height. They know very well the parameters in which your body stays healthy. You should not aim to be the size of a supermodel – they have a job and one of the key attributes of it is to stay slim. But you should aim to be healthy – on the outside and on the inside. And this will give you the beauty, the looks that will make you happy and sparkling.

A balanced lifestyle – and I mean here balanced diets as well – will help you be beautiful on the inside and outside. And more important – they will make you enjoy life: a smile from a person on the street, a compliment about a dress, a night out with friends without feeling exhausted in two hours or why not – a day out with your children or nephews staying fit to cope with their restless childhood games.

It is a matter of…age

When one is young, he or she can never imagine having troubles moving from one place to another or simply being sick and depending on others. Also, when you are in perfect shape and health you may never think that situation will not be the same in your 70s. On the other hand, sometimes you see retired couples who travel just as much as young persons, enjoying few glasses of wine in the fanciest restaurant in the city, never thinking that it is not a matter of their…age. But how do you define age?

Of course nobody denies that age is visible on your skin once years pass. But how come some persons simply do not show their age? Or are able to stay fitter and engage in activities with their 10 years younger fellows?

Because the age in years and the age your body bears the mark of are totally different.

I always said you should not aim to look younger just for the sake of it, but for the purpose of being able to still have an active lifestyle: to still dance and have long walks, to still enjoy compliments or cope with the challenges that your little nephews are bringing. So it is not a matter of age what you are able to do, but a matter of how you feel your age.

Never get trapped in the “look younger at any cost” trap. You should also be able to benefit from your younger looks, not just display it. That is why treatments should also be combined with a bit of diet, with a bit of sport, with a bit of muscle building exercises. This way, your entire body will feel younger.

There are so many natural treatments that you can do – it all requires just a bit of care from your side plus a constant preoccupation for all your body – outside and inside.

And when you have acknowledged that treating your body by pieces is not the answer, but taking care of it all is he right approach, only then you will see that lots of activities and preoccupations are not a matter of age…but a matter of how your body feels your age.

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