Diet Soda and Your Overall Health

Diet Soda and Your Overall Health

Diet soda — is it good or bad? Find out from this article how this diet drink can affect your overall health.

How Sodas Affect Health

Many studies confirm the health risks that come with drinking sugary soda regularly. It’s been linked to heart disease, diabetes and obesity cases among Americans. But the results of studies investigating the effects of diet soda on health vary. Some have linked drinking of diet soda to heart problems, stroke and weight problems. Others give diet soda the credit of helping dieters lose weight and lower the risk for some disease.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition had published an article on a study that gives information on the effect of zero-calorie soft drinks on health. The study supports the observation that drinking diet sodas tend to make people less healthy. However, the noticeable effects are subtle.

Study Categorizes People to Two Kinds Based on Diet

The study included the data for a period of 20 years involving 4,000 adults. The researchers found that the respondents fall into two kinds: the “prudent” whose diet include fish, fruits, whole grains, milk and nuts; and the “western” whose diet include fast foods, pizza, snack foods, poultry and meat.

It’s not a surprise to find that the healthiest among the respondents were the “prudent” eaters who don’t drink diet sodas. The next healthiest are the “prudent” eaters who also drink diet sodas. The unhealthiest were the “western” eaters particularly those who consume a lot of high-fat foods. It doesn’t really matter whether they drink diet sodas or not. These people were more at risk of having health problems like heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

To Drink or Not To Drink Diet Soda

What this study appears to show us is the possibility that diet soft drinks can be included in a healthful diet. However, there are many factors that should be taken into account when assessing overall health. It’s better to drink diet sodas instead of regular sodas. If not yet hooked into drinking sodas, it’s better for a person to avoid it.

Recommendation from Experts and Programs

The American Diabetes Association recommends that people drink diet sodas to reduce calorie intake. Many weight loss programs also recommend this to lose or manage weight. But remember to take this suggestion in line with a healthy diet.

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