Diet and Exercise Elevate Mood and Help in Taking Control of Life

Diet and Exercise Elevate Mood and Help in Taking Control of Life


Even in the best of times, the discipline to diet and exercise is not easy and, clearly, these are not the best of times. In today’s economy, some people are too depressed to focus on diet and exercise. Those still employed, some in more than one job, may not have the money or energy to fit in a workout at the gym.

A Diet and Exercise Plan to Battle Depression

A healthy diet and exercise plan elevates a person’s mood and promotes a positive attitude. Diet may seem synonymous with punishment, especially when unfortunate circumstances seem to warrant comfort food and self-rewards. The reality is that an overabundance of comfort food and special treats results in a downward spiral of emotions spinning out of control.

The ability to take control of one’s diet does more for bringing order to chaos than sweet and filling indulgences. Developing the discipline to formulate a diet plan and stick to it empowers individuals to take charge of other areas of their life. The sense of self-pride and physical well-being is often an impetus to accept adverse conditions; consider another perspective; adopt a positive outlook and forge ahead with action steps to reinvent themselves.

A Diet of More Variety and Smaller Portions

Sometimes healthy weight loss results from eating more of the right foods and less of the empty calories. A salad diet is not the answer. Reducing or eliminating whole grains, lean protein, low fat dairy products, or polyunsaturated fat from your diet can slow metabolism and create a sense of deprivation. Carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source, lean protein is essential for building tissue, and the body needs fats to transport nutrients and regulate body temperature.

Keep portions under control. Writing down every food item consumed, weighing/ measuring foods, and reading food labels are highly recommended. Other tips for reducing servings include the use of dessert plates for meals, satisfying a sweet tooth with dried fruit or flavored herbal tea, and eating healthy snacks during the day.

Exercise is an Essential Component of Weight Loss

Block out the time for exercise. Diet and exercise need to be scheduled in the same manner as meetings at work and social activities. Mark your calendar; try it for one week. Start with 15 minutes per day; once this becomes routine, work up to more time but, for now, the goal is to getting used to committing to the time.

Eliminate excuses. If the excuse is lack of money for a gym, there are plenty of exercise videos on the market. ExerciseTV offers free previews of exercise videos for purchase and free videos On Demand for digital cable subscribers.

Diet and Exercise – More Than Just Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss is the objective for that long-lasting sense of well being. The American Heart Association now offers instant nutrition update Tweets for Twitter fans. Keeping this information front and center may reduce mindless eating and eliminate excuses to avoid exercise. A healthy diet and exercise commitment is truly the best preventative medicine, mentally as well as physically.

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