Collagen Restore Cream Review and Brilliant Eyes Serum Review

Collagen Restore Cream Review and Brilliant Eyes Serum Review


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Nature will inevitably take its toll on the skin. As the years in a person’s life grows, the individual also starts to develop wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines, and other signs of aging. Unless one comes from the exact genes of Benjamin Button, the natural tendency to lose that youthful and fair look will almost always show at some point.

The environment is also another contributing factor that quickens the development of aging signs. There are definitive studies showing just how consistent exposure to sunlight and pollution can damage the skin.

If one does not spend a considerable amount of time and effort, the image in the mirror may no longer be the one he or she recognizes. Hence, the need to buy the right anti-aging products becomes even more important than ever.

Presently, there are two anti-aging products that have shown sufficient results when used by themselves alone, but work superbly well when combined. The Collagen Restore Cream and the Brilliant Eyes Serum are worthy anti-aging products when taken separately.

However, those who have tried using both are really impressed with the results when these are allowed to work as a tandem.

Collagen Restore Cream and Brilliant Eyes Serum

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Collagen Restore Cream

For the uninitiated, collagen is a big key in retaining a youthful and fair look. This is THE protein that gives the fiber of the skin the right elasticity and tightness that normally make the skin of young kids and teens flawlessly attractive.

When the skin has the right amount of collagen, it becomes soft and supple. Obviously, when the skin lacks this nutrient, aging signs will slowly start to appear. Fine lines and crow’s feet are two of the most common results when collagen is no longer produced in the right amount by the body.

The importance of collagen to the skin is one of the reasons why collagen creams flood the market. Some of these are very popular because of marketing brilliance, while others are also prized by many because of the real results they give. Collagen Restore Cream leans towards the latter option as an anti-aging cream.

Presently, the product is only available to the UK population. It promises to bring back that youthful and radiant look that age and the environment can damage.

The product uses both proven ingredients as well as proprietary compounds and nutrients to bring about the desired result. It has active ingredients to enhance collagen production and to give the skin a soft glow.

collagen restore Anti-Aging Cream

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Collagen Restore Cream Ingredients

An anti-aging cream works because of the right ingredients and in the right amount. The Collagen Restore Cream features several known substances that help hold off the advance of wrinkles and fine lines in the face.

Here are some of the chief active ingredients found in this product that are coveted for their anti-aging works:

Hyaluronic Acid: This is a staple of practically all anti-aging creams. It is indispensable because it acts as the skin’s natural moisturizer. Think of a blooming flower in spring; as it is well-moisturized, it almost glows with its beauty.

A skin that lacks moisture is clearly a dry one and most probably a wrinkled one as well. There is simply no other ingredient that allows the skin to generous amounts of water as Hyaluronic Acid. In a way, the importance of collagen in the skin can only be matched by the HA.

Matrixyl 3000: Another very important ingredient that does a masterful job of delaying the advances of Father Time is Matrixyl 3000.

It is also found in basically all products that try to keep the skin young and wrinkle-free as it is clinically-proven to help produce collagen. Most, if not all, collagen creams use this ingredient in a variety of ways.

The Matrixyl 3000 is also known for its ability to help cure the damage done by exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun. As the constant exposure to the sun is a sure way of looking old and dry, the substance is very important in trying to give the skin the same youthful glow.

Argireline NP: Although Collagen Restore Cream stretches it to several degrees when it claims that it is an effortless and painless alternative to Botox, this may be taken with a grain of salt.

The presence of Argireline NP is clearly one of the reasons why this anti-aging cream is making such claims. This is a kind of peptide that works like Botox in some ways and is also clinically-proven to help the skin fight wrinkles and crow’s feet.

collagen restore

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How Does Collagen Restore Cream Work

The product works by going straight to where it matters most in giving people a radiant and glowing skin. It enhances the production of collagen and moisturizes the skin incredibly well.

The fiber of the skin also develops the right tightness and softness for that youthful look with this product. With most of the ingredients being proven to work as advertised, users can expect their skin to fight off wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and crow’s feet after about 8 weeks of application.

How to Use Collagen Restore Cream

  • Wash and clean the face and neck thoroughly before applying this anti-aging cream.
  • A soft towel should be used in drying the cleaned areas.
  • Apply the Collagen Restore Cream on the neck and face.
  • Let the cream do its seep in for best results.
  • The same method should be done daily for visible results after 8 weights. There are those who have found significant changes after 6 weeks only.
  • The user may also apply the Brilliant Eyes Serum around the eyes for unbelievable results.

collagen renew brilliant eyes

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As always, it is very practical to ask for the advice of dermatologists before using any anti-aging cream. The Collagen Restore Cream has natural ingredients and can be used daily without any side effects.

There is one warning, though, that should be followed to the letter. This is a product that must not be used by people below 30 years of age.

Users of anti-aging cream are advised to refrain from smoking and drinking as well as exposure to sunlight for the best results. Eating healthy foods is another way of maximizing the benefits of any anti-aging products.


The bet anti-aging cream works because of the ingredients found in the product. As it is dominated by proven and tested ingredients, one can expect to work as designed.

Short of expecting a miracle within a span of two weeks or the Collagen Restore Cream becoming an instant replacement of Botox, users should not be disappointed with this.

Special mention should be made regarding its price as it is one of the most expensive on the market.

This may be the biggest downside as there are other creams that offer practically the same results at a significantly lower price. The product is only available online and can be purchased by those living in the UK only.

Presentation of Brilliant Eyes Serum

The face, particularly the area near the eyes, is normally the first place that suffers the effects of an aging skin. As it is the most exposed, this area suffers greatly when no painstaking care is made.

The area near the eyes is also one of the parts that usually gets covered by beauty-enhancing products that may damage the skin.

But, even when a person does his or her best to stay away from harmful sunlight and other cosmetic or environmental hazards, the natural process of aging will certainly cause havoc as well.

Getting an anti-aging cream that delivers on its promise may often feel like wishful thinking. The Brilliant Eyes Serum promises to help remove wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and other signs of aging after some time.

brilliant eyes serum

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Brilliant Eyes Serum works on its promise through the use of the right ingredients. A quick glance of the product’s official website will show that the main ingredients are mostly proven to be reliable in fighting off the signs of aging.

Together with Brilliant Eyes Serum’s special formula, users can attain that supple and wrinkle-free skin. The ingredients are also 100% natural, which eliminates the risk of side effects when used daily.

Hyaluronic Acid: A very valuable ingredient that is used by manufacturers to deliver their promise of a youthful skin is Hyaluronic Acid or HA. Because age will somehow slow down the skin’s ability to hold moisture, this substance helps the skin in this manner. This is pound for pound the best ingredient that can prevent the skin from being dry and wrinkled. It is a must-have substance in this sense.

Matrixyl 3000: The skin’s ability to produce collagen suffers also when a person ages. People who buy skin care products always choose those that help the skin retain its elasticity and tightness.

As this is made possible by collagen, anti-aging creams also utilize this ingredient. The Matrixyl 3000 finds its rightful place in the long list of ingredients precisely because of its ability to enhance collagen production.


How does Brilliant Eyes Serum Work

The puffy look around the eyes as well as crow’s feet and even fine lines are supposed to be the first signs of aging that Brilliant Eyes Serum will help eliminate. Because of the ingredients being used in this serum, users can expect a tight skin and that coveted radiant look. The ingredients found in the product will work first in moisturizing the skin.

When the skin has sufficient water, it is already a huge step in keeping dryness and wrinkles away. A well-moisturized skin will also help the skin combat and heal the damages of exposure to sunlight and the elements.

The Brilliant Eyes Serum will also help the production of collagen. As collagen is the key in keeping the right balance between tightness and softness, users will be able to see crow’s feet and fine lines change for the better with this product. It simply works on the basic needs of the skin to deliver its promise of a plump and supple skin.

How to Use the Brilliant Eyes Serum

  • Wash and clean the face thoroughly. One may also use a toner to completely remove the dirt.
  • Use a soft towel in drying the washed area.
  • Apply Brilliant Eyes Serum around the eyes and over the face.
  • One may also have the option of using Collagen Restore Cream on the face and neck for enhanced results.
  • When applying the serum, use an upward circular motion.

brilliant eyes benefits

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Advice from dermatologists and skin experts will be sensible before using any anti-aging product, especially for those with skin allergies. Safety should come first before anything else, even for a serum that keeps off the effects of aging.

The manufacturer claims that the product is made of 100% natural ingredients. As such, it should be safe for people, even when used daily.

It should be noted, however, that the Brilliant Eyes Serum is not approved by the FDA. People who look for the seal of approval from this body will clearly be disappointed with this. Comments and reviews from users show no safety issues with the use of this product, however.

Like the Collagen Restore Cream, the Brilliant Eyes Serum is not for people below 30 years of age. It should be used according to its directions and stored in a safe and dry place to prevent underage people from using it and the product from losing its effectiveness.


Credit should be given to the manufacturer of Brilliant Eyes Serum as it fairly keeps expectations normal. It does no offer miracle results in super quick time. The product clearly states that consistent use will deliver the promised results after about 7 to 8 weeks of daily use.

Because expectations are not sky high, there were some people who were pleasantly surprised by the visible results around the 5th week.

Brilliant Eyes Serum uses proven ingredients to make good on its promises.

At the very least, the product is an excellent moisturizer; that alone should help fight some of the basic signs of aging. But, it does have its merits in removing wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet.

There are people who are also using both the Brilliant Eyes Serum and the Collagen Restore Cream. While the former works wonders around the eyes, the latter takes care of the rest of the face and the neck. Again, they are both exceptional by themselves, but work in unbelievable ways as a duo.

Collagen Restore Cream and Brilliant Eyes Serum

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