Cinch Diet by Cynthia Sass: Review

Cinch Diet by Cynthia Sass: Review

Are you tired of calorie counting diets? Nutritionist, weight loss expert and author of the Belly Fat Diet, Cynthia Sass has detailed a new 30-day weight loss plan that does not involve calorie counting. Instead, Cinch! Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches focuses on including whole foods in your diet, watching portion sizes and learning your triggers for emotional eating.

The Cinch Diet Overview

Sass provides a sensible weight loss plan with a five-day fast-forward option, followed by a 25-day diet. The fast-forward option isn’t for everyone as it is very restrictive. Only five foods are allowed during this first phase of the diet. Sass chose these foods carefully and details each food and the health benefits of eating them. She provides menus using just these five items to show that you can be creative and make a variety of interesting foods even during this phase.

The remainder of the Cinch diet plan is based on the Mediterranean Diet. Sass suggests eating a variety of whole foods to reduce processed foods and promote weight loss. She also believes that timing is everything. Eating meals at specific times eat day prevents overeating due to hunger or feelings of deprivation.

Sass details a five-part meal to use as a guideline rather than counting calories. Including the right amount of healthy foods with each meal will automatically regular the amount of calories you take in during the diet. Furthermore, she states that its quality over quantity.

How the Cinch Diet Addresses Emotional Eating

Sass recognizes that most people overeat out of fear, sadness, anger or joy. Emotional eating is a learned behavior that is difficult to break. Sass suggests finding other ways to handle your emotional needs and change your relationship with food. There are a number of exercises in the book to figure out your emotional eating triggers.

Pros and Cons of the Cinch Diet

Probably the best thing about the Cinch diet is that it allows you to eat a small piece of dark chocolate every day. The book includes quizzes, journal pages, weight loss Q&A and recipes to help with your weight loss success. Some of the recipes included are: Berry Almond French Toast, Mediterranean Shrimp Pizza and Green Tea Truffles.

Cinch is fairly easy to follow because you don’t have to count calories, fat or carbs. Nor does it require you to buy special protein bars or shakes. The Cinch diet is a healthy, whole foods approach to weight loss. In addition, Sass includes vegetarian and vegan options.

However, the Cinch diet isn’t for everyone. It takes dedication and preparation to follow this type of restrictive diet plan. Some lifestyles and occupations don’t lend themselves to a very structured diet plan that requires eating at specific times. Buying whole foods and organic foods can also get very expensive. It is also difficult to eat at restaurants or share a meal with family because the menu items are very restricted, especially during the fast forward phase of the diet.

Cinch is a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

The Cinch diet is a healthy weight loss plan that details the emotional connection to food and aims to change behaviors that will allow you to shed pounds quickly. Packed with the latest weight loss news and studies, the Cinch is a good book for those who have success following a restrictive weight loss program that takes the guesswork out of what to eat.

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