OTHER INTERNAL USE: As an adjuvant, along with specific plants for the condition being treated, chamomile has very good effect in the following diseases and disorders: pharyngitis and tonsillitis (for anti-inflammatory and febrifuge effect), epididymitis (as anti-inflammatory), diarrhea (as antispasmodic calming), dyspeptic conditions, purulent cystitis (as analgesic), chronic stress and stress related diseases.

EXTERNAL: – skin eruptions causing rash or suppuration – cataplsms. Hold it at least 1 hour per per affected area.- upper respiratory tract and sinus diseases, chronic sinusitis in children – inhalations for several consecutive days (5-10 days, depending on the case) .- allergic asthma – general hot baths in which is added 5 liters of super-concentrated combined infusion-.- conjunctivitis and other eye inflammation – compresses and washings with super-concentrated combined infusion, but will be carefully filtered through cotton.- eye pain – compress on the eye with super-concentrated combined infusion – neuralgia with various locations (facial, trigeminal, intercostal etc.) – the chamomile cataplasm is applied on the affected area, then cover with a sheet of nylon (not to evaporate) and a hot water bottle is applied over, hair care.- last rinse after washing will be made super-concentrated combined infusion – skincare, stains and irritation of the skin – wash the skin and affected areas in the morning and evening with a cotton swab dipped well in the super-concentrated combined infusion. It also applies compresses of this extract to treat more serious cases. – female genital itching (pruritus vulva) – vaginal lavage with super-concentrated combined infusion, washing injuries – super-concentrated combined infusion – fatigue – general baths in which is added super-concentrated combined infusion – irritative bowel condition – combined infusion enemas.


The powder – finely ground the plant with an electric coffee grinder, then sieve through a flour sifter. Take, usually, a teaspoon 3 times per day on an empty stomach. The powder is put under the tongue for 10-15 minutes, then swallowed with water. The powder can not be preserved longer than 10 days because it  alters its properties.

The infusion combined (prescription to obtain 250 ml.) – 1-2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers powder left to soak in half a cup of water from evening to morning, when is filtered;  keep the macerate, scald the remaining powder with half a cup of hot water for 20 minutes, then allow it to cool; combine the two extracts; drink the preparation with a quarter of an hour before a meal. Dose – 3 cups per day.

Super-concentrated combined infusion – is prepared just like the previously shown except that it will be more concentrated: 2-3 tablespoons of herb instead of 1-2 teaspoons.

Hot infusion (recipe for 250 ml.) – Add a cup of hot water over a teaspoon of chamomile powder, cover and allow to infuse for 10-15 minutes, after which it’s sweetened with honey and consumed as warm as possible. Dose – 3 cups per day.


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