A few words about OAT, which is the richest calcium supplier of all cereals, contributing to maintainance of a healthy teeth and a robust skeletal system. Of all the cereals, oats contain the largest amount of fat, which is 6.3%, and in terms of protein quality, it’s in second place. Oat fat is oleic acid-rich, a monounsaturated fatty acid and linoleic essential fatty, achieving an ideal combination of fatty acids. Another excellent quality of th oat is the content natural ballast substance, a unique blend of soluble fiber, which helps the body to maintain a low cholesterol, ensuring the blood gradual transition for the products resulting from the glucides metabolism. Thus, it’s provided a constant energy intake.

All these qualities make fruits and nuts oat the ideal food for a morning meal. Relatively recent was proved that oat have the best effect in lowering the cholesterol, particularly lowering the low density cholesterol (LDL-C), ie acts just on the cholesterol faction that produces atherosclerosis.

The slow and gradual glucose release during the starch digestion, it is highly desirable, to avoid hyper- and hypoglycemia later, thus ensuring a constant supply of energy. In this regard oat fibers are also superior to those of other cereals, because by slowing the glucose delivery they prevent the sudden increase of the glycemia. Oat is one of the few grains that can be consumed raw. If we want to cook it, it only needs a few minutes. Along with fresh or dried fruit and nuts, oat offers a very healthy and consistent meal.

In the absence of flakes, oat can grind even with the coffee grinding machine, and for boiling only needs a minute or two.

An advantage of the oatmeal is that makes us to chew well, which is very useful knowing that the starch digestion begins already in the mouth.

A few words about RICE, the cereal species most widespread in the world, the main producers being China and India. Like millet, rice belongs to the cereal elite group with alkalizing action and should occupy an important place, because alkalizing foods must represent 75% of our food. Of course, unrefined rice is much richer in nutrients. Modern human considers his duty to plunder the natural products of their most valuable components.

Refined rice shouldn’t be included in our usual alimentation. Instead, unrefined rice, through its amino acids, is the ideal partner for pod proteins, producing a complete protein. In fact, of all the cereals, along with oat, rice contains the highest amount of proteins.

With a little imagination and enthusiasm preparation, unrefined rice can be a as appealing as the refined rice, except that it is much healthier. Rice flour suits very well to the preparation of biscuits or puddings.

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