Causes of Snoring and Some Solutions

Causes of Snoring and Some Solutions

Do you snore when you sleep? Or does your spouse snore? Snoring isn’t just a sound (like a chainsaw at times) that interrupts your sleep or somebody else’s. It can be dangerous, too.

If you’re looking for solutions to get rid of snoring, this article can provide some helpful information for you.

Causes of Snoring

First, it would be helpful to know what causes snoring. Usually, snoring is indicative of these problems:

  • A likely anatomical defect like a narrow breathing passage
  • A tongue or jaw that is placed too far back, which closes off the air passageway
  • Tonsils that are larger than average size
  • A bulky uvula, which is the part hanging down at the back of your throat)
  • A lot of fat tissue that blocks the air passageway

Sometimes, being overweight, deformities of the nose cartilage and allergies can cause snoring as well. You also need to pay attention to certain lifestyle habits that may cause snoring, for example, drinking alcohol and smoking.

In most cases, snoring is harmless except for the annoying sound that disrupts other people’s sleep. But, when a person begins to suffer from sleep apnea, it’s not so harmless anymore.

Sleep Apnea Defined

A person who has sleep apnea tends to stop breathing while sleeping. So sleep apnea is not good and should not be ignored.

People who suffer from sleep apnea may stop breathing for one or two seconds only. But there are people who stop breathing for a few minutes, which lead to frightening scenarios. This is especially true when it causes traumatic sleep disturbance a few times during the night. There are reports of this experience happening 30 times in one hour.

Sleep apnea does not only prevent a person from having a good night’s sleep, it can spell trouble for you at daytime. Because you wake up groggy, you may feel sleepy (and may actually fall asleep) any time of the day. Also, this increases your risk for stroke, heart attack, diabetes and other health conditions.

It will be really difficult if you work at a construction site, or if you’re a driver or a pilot. If you suspect you have sleep apnea, you need to go to your doctor and get tested. Many people who have sleep apnea are not diagnosed. This can put yourself or other people in danger.

The Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

People suffering from sleep apnea suddenly wake up with a loud snort. Or they suddenly inhale struggling to breathe. If you think you have this condition, ask someone to see if you do the same thing while you sleep. If you wish to have a more scientific way of knowing, you can get tested by your doctor.

How to Diminish Snoring

Some of the things you can do to stop snoring include:

  • Lose weight
    • Stop smoking or drinking alcohol before going to bed
    • Sleep on your side and not on your back so your tongue does not block your airway

You may also get a custom oral appliance that can hold the lower jaw forward. This keeps your tongue from blocking the airway.

When you quit snoring and stop sleep apnea, you can sleep better and have a better quality of life.
Photo credit: Marc Lewis via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

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