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Why You Should Lift Weights

Lifting weights and doing resistance training is crucial for your overall health and fitness level. Strength training may seem a little bit above your level of fitness at this time,

Fitness Health Weight Loss

How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise During The Winter

Exercising on a daily basis is the best way by far to stay healthy and in shape. This is important because after all, staying healthy is the key to a

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Can Chocolate Help With Weight Loss?

This is great news for chocoholics. Based on a study, eating chocolates regularly somehow helps people to be skinnier compared to those who do not give themselves the benefit of

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Obese Kids on Diet

Some kids need to lose those extra pounds. If this sounds like your child, then read on to find some help. There is a study that shows what type of

Diet Weight Loss

What Role Can Marijuana Play in the Life of Dieters?

There’s a new research that is probing the possibility of using an active substance found in marijuana to adjust a person’s brain chemicals, so that dieters who want to lose

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Do Weight Loss Supplements Really Work?

Do you think stimulants, appetite suppressants and other diet supplements can help you lose weight? Recent research reveals that these methods are not really effective. There has been an influx

Diet Weight Loss

Unhealthy Foods You Need to Avoid

Want to know which foods you should avoid if you wish to lose weight? Here’s a list of 49 foods that some researchers from New Zealand compiled. Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Diet Weight Loss

Understanding the Paleo Diet

There’s this popular diet that tells us to eat the way our ancestors did and we get the benefit of improved health and weight loss. However, it is not easily

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Best Weight Loss Tip – Drink Water

How could avoiding sugary drinks and consuming water impact your body when it comes to losing weight? Switching from Soda to Water Overconsumption of soda is not good. Many issues

Diet Weight Loss

Can You Really Eat Chocolate Cake for Breakfast and Still Lose Weight?

Do you like to eat cake? There’s a new study that says that it is okay to have cake even if you’re on a diet, but only at breakfast. Good