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Diet Nutrition Weight Loss

How to Lose Pregnancy Weight Without Strict Dieting

Many new mothers struggle with trying to lose weight after giving birth. Whether it’s 20 pounds or 50 of extra baby weight, it can feel like you will never get

Diet Nutrition Weight Loss

Fast Diets for Wedding Day Perfection: Fit Into That Wedding Dress or Tux and Look Like a Million Bucks

Ready for a weight makeover? Whether the goal is weight loss for the bride or for the groom, the results will be just as amazing. Remember, the big day may

Diet Nutrition Weight Loss

Best Weight Loss Gifts – Tips to Help Dieters Lose Weight

After all the Christmas parties and numerous meals out, a common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. If your partner fits into this category, weight loss gifts can be

Diet Nutrition Weight Loss

Money Worries May Make You Fat: Is Financial Crisis Causing You to Gain Weight?

There is so much diet advice on the market these days that it is hard to keep up with the latest trends. Now, just in time for New Year’s dieting

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Diet and Exercise Elevate Mood and Help in Taking Control of Life

Even in the best of times, the discipline to diet and exercise is not easy and, clearly, these are not the best of times. In today’s economy, some people are

Diet Health Nutrition

Recommendations for Beginning a Vegetarian Diet: Improving your Health and Nutrition through Dietary Changes

With the start of a new year, many Americans are assessing their health and are thinking of making changes in their diet. According to the Center for Disease Control and

Diet Health Nutrition

12 Foods to Avoid on an Acid Reflux Diet: Stop Heartburn by Cutting These Foods and Habits Out of a Diet

Acid reflux disease is rapidly becoming one of the most recognized ailments in America. The treatments for it are well known even by those who are not afflicted with chronic

Diet Health Nutrition

Diet and Breastfeeding: Losing Weight While Nursing

When breastfeeding, you need to be very careful about what you eat. Many foods can upset your baby’s sensitive digestive system. Even though it can take some time to establish

Diet Health Nutrition

How to Find Hidden Salt in Your Diet: Reduce Your Sodium Intake by Knowing Where Salt is Hiding

A new survey from Great Britain revealed that 77 per cent of people are not aware that bread and breakfast cereals are two of the top sources of sodium in

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Peppermint Tea Diet: Lose Weight Fast Using Peppermint Tea

Peppermint, otherwise known as Mentha piperata is a herb which has a light, refreshing aroma, pleasant taste, and is widely recognized for its medicinal properties. Peppermint is commonly used in