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Bariatric Physicians Question FDA for Not Approving New Diet Drug

The The American Society of Bariatric Physicians has been publicly questioning the US Food and Drug Administrations recent decision to decline approving the diet new diet drug Contrave. This is

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Dairy-Free Diet Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism spectrum disorders often respond favorably to a gluten-free, dairy-free diet. However, for most autistic children, eliminating gluten and casein, and sometimes soy, can be too drastic of a change.

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Resolve to Improve Your Diet in Five Easy Steps

You’ve resolved eat better in the New Year. Setting goals around the new year is as common as failed diets. Often, resolutions are too vague and don’t include specific enough

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How To Add Whey Protein and Soy Protein Into Your Diet Plan

Getting adequate protein is essential to meeting your nutritional needs. But, do you know and understand the different protein sources that will help you make the best choices? Where Does

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Switch to the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle

More than a diet, what is frequently referred to as the Mediterranean Diet is actually a lifestyle. A switch to this lifestyle may make you healthier and happier. Health Benefits

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Arthritis and Diet : Two Strategies that Work

The relationship between arthritis and diet has been much disputed in recent years. Claims have been made regarding the healing effects of cider vinegar and honey or the deleterious effects

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Autism and Diet: How to Switch to a Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diet

For years, parents of autistic children have reported behavior improvements from removing casein and gluten from the diet. Even so, autism and diet treatments remain controversial and not well accepted

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Take the Word Diet Out of Your Vocabulary

Families struggling with overweight/obese children tend to want to put that child on a diet. Dieting is the least healthy way to lose weight. Diets do not work especially for

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Eating Out with a Sensitive Diet

Eating out at a restaurant is not what it used to be. With so much emphasis on a healthy diet, calorie control, portion size, and healthy alternatives, what was once

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Hypothyroidism Diet – Tips for Eating for an Underactive Thyroid

Hypothyroidism, which is also known as an underactive thyroid, can cause its patients to suffer from a number of uncomfortable symptoms. Weight gain, sensitivity to cold, brittle nails, hair loss