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Flat Belly Diet Diabetes by Liz Vaccariello, Book Review

No diet is simple and few diseases are easy to deal with. Diabetes is a difficult but manageable disease that requires those who have it to be smart and focused.

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Eliminating Meat from Your Diet

You may decide on a meatless diet for reasons including health, food costs or animal welfare. Although meat is a plentiful source of high-quality protein, containing all the essential amino

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A Low Carb Diet Can Help Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

New scientific research finds that restricting carbohydrates lowers triglycerides and helps you burn more liver fat than following a low calorie diet. According to the American Liver Foundation, fat plugging

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The Likable Lo-Cal Diet: Franks n’ Burgers

So what is it that makes this diet so “likable”, you finally start to ask? Its appeal to me, aside from the simplicity of its directives (“Stay under 1,200 calories

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Substitutions for Bread in a Gluten-free Diet

Giving up bread is one of the hardest tasks a gluten-intolerant person faces. There are many options for making the transition to gluten-free bread easier. For people who have Celiac

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Top Diet Tips to Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

Today’s world is filled with toxins. Commercial foods come loaded with chemicals, hormones and genetic modifications. Water supplies carry high levels of fluorine and drug residues. As if that wasn’t

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The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan

Your trademarked moniker Dr. Gourmet® aptly identifies you as Physician and Chef. You are the only professional chef-Internal Medicine physician in the country specializing in nutrition. What made you choose

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Arthritis and Diet : Two Strategies that Work

The relationship between arthritis and diet has been much disputed in recent years. Claims have been made regarding the healing effects of cider vinegar and honey or the deleterious effects

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Autism and Diet: How to Switch to a Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diet

For years, parents of autistic children have reported behavior improvements from removing casein and gluten from the diet. Even so, autism and diet treatments remain controversial and not well accepted

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What’s Your Diet Plan?

I remember the first fad diet I was aware of. It was the dead of winter in West Virginia, about a little less than thirty years ago. The plan required