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What is an Alkaline Diet?

pH is an important concept that most people don’t understand. It simply refers to the Hydrogen content in a person’s body. It is necessary to maintain a certain pH because

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3 Reasons Why Most Diets Fail to Help People Lose Weight

Thinking about why you simply cannot succeed with your diet program? Why is it that whatever diet you pursue, you eventually drop sometime later? Isn’t it time to give up

Diet Weight Loss

Why Low Calorie Diets Fail

A lot of people are trying to lose weight by following different exercise regimens and diet plans. They work really hard in the gym and strictly follow their low calorie

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Foods to Avoid When You Have Acid Reflux

What you eat can make your acid reflux and heartburn worse. You may need the help of your GI doctor to identify which foods are triggering your acid reflux or

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A Simple Way to Have a Clean Diet

The changing season is a usual prompt for cleaning up, be it your house or your car. But why just clean externally? It may be a good time to go

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The Best Foods For Weight Gain

It’s not that often that you hear people say that they need to gain weight, but it does happen, and when it does, you will want to gain weight as

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Healthy Snacks You Can Make At Home 3

Maple Sesame Almonds Once again we come back to nuts and it’s because there are so many different types of nuts that are great for making into foods that you

Diet Health Nutrition

Healthy Snacks You Can Make At Home 2

Goji Berry Trail Mix This is a great healthy alternative to those fat and sugar filled trail mixes that you will usually find. It does contain some fat and sugar,

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Healthy Snacks You Can Make At home

Chocolate bars, gummy bears, bags of chips, and other candies are all foods that we love to indulge in, sometimes for a snack and unfortunately sometimes even as a whole

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The Different Bodybuilding Supplements And How They Help You part 2

Protein Powders Perhaps the best kind of supplement that you can use to build that Hulk Hogan like physique and get that beach body that you have been dreaming about