Can You Really Eat Chocolate Cake for Breakfast and Still Lose Weight?

Can You Really Eat Chocolate Cake for Breakfast and Still Lose Weight?

Do you like to eat cake? There’s a new study that says that it is okay to have cake even if you’re on a diet, but only at breakfast.

Good News for Dieters

There is good news for everyone who is fond of eating chocolate cake with coffee. Researchers from Tel Aviv University gave a surprising statement that dieters can include a small serving of dessert during breakfast and still lose weight. In fact, it helps to keep the lost pounds off better than following the traditional approach to dieting.

The Test

The researchers based their statement on a study that involved 2 groups of obese or overweight individuals. All the male participants followed a 1,600-calorie diet for 32 weeks, while the female participants followed a 1,400 calorie diet. The two groups had different food combinations. The first group’s diet included a low-carbohydrate 300-calorie breakfast. The second group’s diet included a 600-calorie breakfast that is high protein and high-carb with a dessert item like a chocolate cake.

The Results

After 16 weeks, the members of the two groups lost 33 pounds per person on average. The surprising difference in the results was observed at the end of 32 weeks. The participants of the group under the low-carb diet gained 22 pounds per person. While the participants of the other group that ate a heavier breakfast with dessert lost 15 pounds more. So, the group that ate a sweet dessert during breakfast lost 40 pounds per person on average.

How Do the Researchers Explain the Results?

When a person cuts out sweets from the diet, just like what the low-carb group did, the tendency is to have a psychological addiction to that food item. But if that person includes even a small piece of a dessert, such as a cookie, chocolate or any cake, at breakfast time when the dieter’s metabolic rate is the highest, the person will not feel deprived and will be able to continue the reduced-calorie diet longer.

Is It the Amount of Calories or the Composition of the Diet that Matters?

The results of past research investigating the benefits of having a large breakfast had been unclear. There’s a recent research published in the Nutrition Journal that involved participants who ate exactly the same amount of calories for lunch and dinner. But 1 group ate less at breakfast and the other group ate more. The results indicate that those who ate more at breakfast had gained weight. So, the type of foods you eat is actually not as important as the amount of food you eat when it comes to losing weight.

Another study which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that the most important factor in determining the success of losing weight is the dieter’s determination to stick to the low-calorie diet. It’s not because of the composition of the diet.

How do we sum up all the facts here? If eating a slice of chocolate cake at breakfast will help you stick to your diet until you lose weight and keep the weight off, then go ahead. Just be sure that you just eat one and skip another dessert at dinner.

Photo credits: Chocolate Cake by Aurore D via Flickr, CC by 2.0

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