The Best Protein High Foods 6

The Best Protein High Foods 6

Dried Lentils

These things are great because they have virtually no fat content, zero sugar, and are really high in protein. Lentils have around 13 grams of protein for every quarter cup serving of them. They are especially good when incorporated into a soup. If you want to spice them up you can always toss them in with some chicken and chopped vegies.

Canned Anchovies/Sardines

Ok we know that many people may not like them because they are pretty salty and some people just don’t like fish, especially the canned variety. If you want to make them less salty you can soak them in some water first and pat them off, the same goes for getting the oil off of them which they usually come canned in. Then again you can grill these things fry the, bake them, and as many people tend to do you can put them on a pizza too. For every 3 ounce serving you can get around 24 grams of protein, that is for the anchovies. The sardines have just one less gram, coming in at 23 grams per 3 ounces, but that is still a lot.

Canadian Bacon

This stuff is also known as peameal bacon, and the reason that it is so much better than normal bacon is because it has more protein and less fat. This stuff has over 15 grams of protein per 3 ounce serving while only having a sixth less of the fat as normal bacon. This stuff is great for sandwiches and is also good fried up in the frying pan; even grilling the stuff is pretty good.

Whey Protein

One average whey protein has over 24 grams of digestible protein per every scoop, every scoop being about 4 tablespoons. Whey protein is what is most commonly found in protein shake mixes and is very popular with the muscle building community. This stuff is great because it fills you up and kills appetite, it gives you just as much protein as anything else will, and won’t make you gain weight either. Whey protein is very low in calories, is digested very quickly, and it’s great to have right after a workout, as a small snack, or at any time of the day. If you want to up the protein content even more then you can always mix it to perfection with milk instead of water. Whey protein is probably the best type of protein available or muscle growth because it is very rich in branched chain amino acids, in other words it makes muscles grow faster and better.

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