The Best Protein High Foods 4

The Best Protein High Foods 4


Some people may think that eating this tentacle covered animal is weird, but the fact of the matter is that it actually tastes fantastic. It has over 25 grams of protein per three ounce serving and it tastes great grilled with some lemon juice and just a pinch of salt. Keep in mind that you should be eating the deep fried variety because that is obviously really high in fat.


Eggs are a great source of protein and have 6 grams of protein for every egg. A fun little fact is that the body incorporates almost all of the protein from eggs into the body and that is not something that can be said for most other foods. This is because eggs are very rich in amino acids, and the more amino acids food has the more of the protein can be absorbed by the body. Ok, so mind you that was a rough overview. The science is a little more complex than that. Anyway, eggs are fantastic because you can boil them, bake them, fry them a hundred different ways, and even eat them raw in a protein shake if that’s your thing.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a fantastic snack food that is great for building muscle. It is a food that has more protein per ounce than most other things, to be exact it has 13 grams of protein for every ounce of this meat that you eat. This stuff is chewy and it comes in very many different flavors so there’s really nothing that you could hate about this stuff.


Edamame are great for eating because they can be cooked in stir fries, casseroles, or even eaten after they have been dried. These are actually vegetables and they are like the Asian version of green peas, in a vague sense anyway. Edamame have over 8 grams of protein for every half cup serving that you consume.

Navy Beans

Navy beans are fantastic because they not only have a lot of protein, but they also have over 13 grams of dietary fiber in every 1 cup serving. The protein content of these beans is even more impressive because that is around 20 grams of protein per every cup. A good way to make these things is by making a bean salad or to bake them in a casserole.

Green Peas

These things can be bought frozen or fresh, although fresh does take some work to get them all out of their pods. Anyway these things have over 7 grams of protein for every cup of them that you eat. While that may not seem like very much, keep in mind that you can’t only eat meat, fairy, and nuts; vegetables are important too. Peas are great because they work well as a side to virtually anything that you could cook.

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