Best Exercises For Building Your Arms 3

Best Exercises For Building Your Arms 3

The Overhead Press

This is a great exercise for your upper back muscles, your shoulders, and your triceps. All you have to do is use a weight bar and hold it at shoulder level with your forearms vertical and palms facing up. To do the exercise, just lift the bar up over your head while maintaining a shoulder-width grip on the bar.


Neutral Grip Triceps Extension

For this exercise you are going to need a bench or at least a yoga matt, and as the name implies it is great for your triceps. Have one dumbbell in each hand and while lying on your back lift them straight over your head so your arms are parallel. To do the exercise, lower the weights toward your face and eventually behind your head by bending at the elbow. Then slowly raise the weights back up to the starting position.


Pullover & Triceps Extension Combo

Lie on your back on bench and use a weight bar to do a bench press and then lower the weight down behind your head, bending your elbows until you feel your lats and triceps being used, then return to the starting position. The starting position is of course having the weight in your hands on your chest while maintaining a shoulder width grip with your palms facing upwards.


The Poundstone Curl

This exercise is great for working your shoulders and your biceps. To do it you will need a bar. Simply hold the bar with your palms facing forward and start by holding it downwards with your arms extended, then curl the weight up as far as possible.


The Side Curl

For this exercise you will need to have some dumbbells. Keep in mind that side curls are a lot harder for your biceps to execute so you don’t need too much weight. For this exercise keep your arms extended outward to the side, raised at a 90 degree angle, then curl the dumbbells up towards your ears and then back down.


Suspension Trainer Rotational Inverted Row

Using a suspension trainer, hold the handles with your back facing down so that you are only supporting yourself using the suspension trainer. Keep your abs engaged and your body and legs completely straight facing forward with your only the heels of your feet touching the ground. Slowly pull yourself up and then lower yourself back down to do the exercise. While lifting up remember to start with your palms facing your feet and then twist outwards as you pull yourself up.


Close Grip Bench Press

For this exercise your will need a weight bar and a bench. Just lie on your back with your hands placed fairly close to the center of the bar (hands as far apart as the width of your body). When doing this exercise remember to arch your back slightly so there is some space between your lower back and the bench. Start by holding the weight with your palms facing up and your elbows tucked to your sides at a 45 degree angle. Then push the weight upwards and press it until your arms are fully extended over your chest.

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