How to Avoid Weight Gain During Pregnancy

How to Avoid Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Moms tend to gain weight when they become pregnant. That is only natural and is to be expected with the new life growing inside their tummy.

Soon-to-be moms at this stage crave for all sorts of food and seem unable to control it. They eat a lot of foods and their bodies grow rapidly. It is not safe for pregnant moms to gain weight quickly, according to health experts. It is correlated to the occurrence of health conditions, such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, difficult childbirth and miscarriage.

How to Manage Weight During Pregnancy

In order to have a healthy pregnancy, moms need to know how to manage their weight. Below are a few tips that can help achieve this:

Know Your Nutritional Needs

Stop worrying that you will be gaining a lot of weight. Worrying simply rocks your disposition. You must have a strong mindset that you can do just what you need to do to stay healthy while you are pregnant.

It helps if you know the amount of calories you can consume each day. Ask your doctor about your nutritional needs.  Ask her how much calories you can consume and which type of foods you should eat. When you know this information, you can plan your meals accordingly.

After making an eating plan, stick to it. Don’t change your diet just because you heard your favorite celebrity talk about her diet when she was pregnant. Your nutritional requirement is not the same as that celebrity. So, you do not know if her diet is safe for you. Just follow what your doctor told you before.

A helpful trick for pregnant women is to eat frequent meals but in small portions.  Many pregnant women have to deal with physical changes associated with their condition. They can experience food aversions and morning sickness. Eating small portions of food is more advisable because the small amount is easier to digest. Eating frequent meals provides the required nourishment for both mom and baby.

Pregnant women also need extra supplements to give proper nourishment for the growing baby. The physician will prescribe certain health supplements like folic acid and calcium that the pregnant mom should take. When moms suffer from certain discomforts associated with the pregnancy, the doctor can also prescribe medications for that.

Exercising should be a priority

Even pregnant women need to exercise. Ask your physician and she will recommend certain exercises and activities you can do. She can also give you the clearance to perform workout exercises or engage in activities you want.

Exercising helps you use up calories. It is important for weight management. In addition, women need flexibility and strength when the time comes to give birth. So, exercising does more than just help manage weight gain.

However, some pregnant women should not engage in aerobic exercise. Those who have medical conditions like heart disease and lung disease, those who may be predisposed to bleeding or spotting and those who have weak cervix should not engage in aerobic exercise. So, always get a doctor’s clearance before joining any exercise activity.

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