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Antinutritional Factors: Phytate and Oxalate in Vegetarian Diets

While whole grains and vegetables are nutritious, some of them also contain substances that decrease the absorption of minerals. These substances, called “antinutritional factors”, or antinutrients, include phytate, oxalate, and

Diet Health Nutrition

The Vegetarian Diet – Live Longer and Healthier and be Slimmer

Switching over to a vegetarian diet might be difficult initially for those who are used to eating meat every day, but in the long run, it’s much healthier than the

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Dropping Daredevil Diets So Dieters Don’t Drop Dead

Fad Dieting: Fiction, Fashion and Facts Just like with most things trendy, popular and fashionable, fad dieting has had the rapt attention of the American masses since weight loss became

Diet Health Nutrition

Diet Plans that Work for Going Gluten Free

Adjusting to a low gluten diet plan means changing your life. Going out to eat, for instance, will always be a problem, particularly when it comes to cross contamination issues.

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Best Diets for After the Holidays

It is not uncommon to gain weight during the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years. Different diets work for different people to help lose holiday weight, and

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Popular High-Protein, Low-Carbohydrate Diets

Atkins Diet The Atkins Diet was introduced by Dr. Robert Atkins in the 1970s when he wrote his first book called, The New Diet Revolution. Since there, there have been

Diet Health Nutrition

People Largely Ignore Fruit and Vegetable Dietary Recommendations

A report card issued by a consortium of government, non-profit health organizations and industry groups says fruit intake among adults in the U.S. has hardly risen since 2015, while vegetable

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Dieting Essentials: The Power of Protein

Protein is a fundamental amount of the human diet and can be found in a variety of foods. Protein is used by the body to both build and repair muscle

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In Dieting, a Calorie is a Calorie is a Calorie

The magic number to consider when forming a diet plan for weight loss or gain is 3,500. That is the amount of calories in one pound. There are three ways

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Japanese Therapies – Hydrotherapy and Dietary Therapy

Japanese medicine is growing in popularity, although it is still less well-known in the West, in comparison to Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese or Tibetan medicine. Two forms of Japanese therapies