Arthritis Pain and Exercise 3

Arthritis Pain and Exercise 3

Other Methods You Can Use To Protect Your Joints


  1. One of the things that can increase the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis is a lack of motion. Sitting for a long period of time will increase the stiffness and pain, therefore you should get up to walk around at least once per hour. If you have sever stiffness then you should never sit, stand, or sleep in the same position for a very long time.


  1. You should always try to use the biggest and strongest muscles in your body first, and try to avoid using your weaker muscles unless you have no other choice. Using your stronger and bigger muscles will reduce the strain put on the weaker ones, which is important because using the weaker ones will increase arthritis pain.


  1. Always spread out the weight of whatever you are doing across several joints, bones, and muscles in your body, because that will also make the effects of arthritis even worse. Instead of carrying things with just your hands, which will end up hurting your wrists, you can carry things with your shoulder. Or, instead of opening a door with just your hand you should use your whole forearm.


  1. Always try to keep a straight back and overall good posture. This is because having bad body posture will increase the stress and strain on certain joints that are already affected by the arthritis. Keeping good posture will keep your joints in their desired position while maintaining stability and functionality. If you have arthritis and have bad posture for a very long time, it can actually lead to debilitating injuries and deformities that are not treatable or reversible.


  1. Never sit in a chair that doesn’t have a straight back because that will encourage bad posture and increase joint pain. Also, when you are getting up from the hair, be sure to use your legs to push off of the ground and your arms to push off of the chair; always try to use as many different body parts to do any one motion in order to decrease arthritis pain.


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