Allure Cream and Allure Eye Cream Reviews

Allure Cream and Allure Eye Cream Reviews


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Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Do you see fine lines or wrinkles? Does your skin feel dry and dull?

Diet, lack of sleep, stress, exposure to UV rays, pollution and other factors affect the skin, which could keep you from having beautiful and radiant skin.

The solution that you probably need right now is Allure Cream and Allure Eye Cream. This short review will tell you why so keep reading.

Why do you need Allure Cream?

allure cream usaAll people can’t avoid aging. It is a natural process everyone goes through. So, keeping at bay the signs of aging like sagging skin and wrinkles can be challenging. But with the help of Allure Cream, you can do something about it.

Hydration is very important to the body. If you don’t drink water for a long time, you feel dry and lethargic. The same goes with the skin if you don’t hydrate it. It will dry up and accelerates aging. Keeping the skin hydrated helps make the skin smooth and elastic.

Allure Cream can help keep the moisture trapped in the skin making it look soft and supple.

Collagen is a skin protein that is responsible for making it elastic, firm and supple. The problem is its production declines as women reach the age of 30. That is why the skin starts to get wrinkled and sag. UsingAllure Cream helps to boost collagen production in the skin. With constant application, it helps to rejuvenate the skin, toning and firming it up.

What are the active ingredients of Allure Cream?

Allure Cream is made in GNP Labs using ingredients that are natural and organic. It is a peptide-rich anti-aging, anti-wrinkle solution.

A few of the known active ingredients of this cream are:

  • Argireline complex – a peptide that is used in many cosmetics known to firm up and smoothen the skin. It’s like botox minus the injection.
  • Aloe vera extract – a natural antioxidant that repairs cellular damage caused by free radicals. It helps to retain moisture and repair skin damage.
  • Vitamin C – another antioxidant that helps to restore vibrant and youthful-looking skin. It helps to even out skin color.

Other ingredients used in this moisturizing cream are Retinul Palmitate, Balm mint extract, Phytosphingosine, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Rosemary and Ceramide complex.

anti agingWhat can Allure Cream do for you?

If you’re looking for ways to control the wrinkles, dark circles, aging spots and other signs of aging skin, this is the product you’re looking for. The company claims that it can do the following list of benefits:

  • Reduces wrinkles and dark circles for a more youthful look
  • Boosts collagen production and locks in skin moisture making it smooth, supple and elastic
  • Protects the skin from UV rays
  • Effectively controls pimples and acne
  • Cleanses the skin thoroughly by opening up the skin pores
  • Increases fairness of the skin
  • No worries about side effects
  • No injection or surgery required to have a wrinkle-free skin

If you thought that there’s no way for you to have flawless and young-looking skin again, with Allure Cream you can achieve the look you’re dreaming of easily. It’s approved by FDA and recommended by many dermatologists because it’s safe and it works.

How do you use this product?

Using Allure Cream is easy. First, wash your face thoroughly. Then, put a small amount on your palm and use your fingertips to rub it on your face gently. You can massage your facial skin as the cream is absorbed completely.

Use it regularly for best results. Keeping yourself hydrated, eating nutritious foods and not smoking or drinking can also help you have a vibrant and healthy skin.

Where can you buy this product?

You can get this product from the company’s official website. There’s a 14-day free trial pack that you can avail with your registration and purchase of one 30-day pack. This is a one-time offer available to new customers only. Delivery of the product to your preferred address is free.

buy allure creamWhy do you need Allure Eye Cream?

allure eye serumTo complete your beautiful and flawless look, you may want to use another product – Allure Eye Cream. It’s the perfect solution for doing away with dark under eye circles, Crow’s feet (the wrinkles appearing around the eye) and age spots.

Just like Allure Cream, the eye serum is a peptide-rich cream that stimulates the production of collagen.

It’s been clinically proven to help rejuvenate the skin around the eye area and vanish away dark under eye circles and fine lines. It also lifts and firms up the skin eliminating skin sag and eye bag.

You can get botox-like results without needing any injection, surgery or laser treatment.

How do you use this eye serum?

It’s fairly easy to use this Allure Eye Cream. Start off by cleansing the skin around the eye. Then, put a small drop of the product on your fingertip. Massage the cream onto the skin until it is completely absorbed. Just add some more when needed.

You can use the eye serum twice a day. Clinical studies show that you’ll see a difference on your skin’s texture in just 15 days. Use consistently for 28 days and you’ll notice the deep wrinkles and Crow’s feet improve significantly.

Ensure proper storage all the time. Keep the product in a cool dry place away from heat, moisture and sunlight. Keep it closed after use and put it in a place where kids can’t reach them and play with them.

As much as possible, don’t use the product without proper recommendation from a dermatologist to avoid any issue. Don’t use it on broken or wounded skin.

Where can you buy this product?

As with Allure Cream, remember to buy this product only from the authentic source. Check out the company’s official web page. There’s a free trial offer available to new customers for this product, too. ( You don’t have to buy both skincare products from Lux Allure, but they work perfectly together.)

With this high-quality and revolutionary anti-aging solution, it’s possible for you to have vibrant and flawless skin just like the famous celebrities.

Try Lux Allure’s line of skin care products and see how it will transform your skin to look young and beautiful.

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