30 Great Diet Tips Part 3

30 Great Diet Tips Part 3

Stress The Weekdays

Often weekends are really hard times for people to exercise and more so weekends are the days on which we tend to go out, party, and indulge on foods and drinks. Therefore if you aren’t going to be working out on the weekend it is always a good idea to do some extra during the week. Something like an extra 30 minute bike ride or even a 15 minute walk around the office will greatly benefit you. Another thing that you can do before you go out partying is to have a light little snack beforehand so you don’t feel so hungry while you are out.

Increase Stress

One thing that you should always be doing is upping the amount which you exercise. If your workout routine doesn’t make you sweat as much as it did last week or you don’t feel as strained you should increase the distance you bike or run, as well you should always try lifting slightly more than you did the last time around.

Don’t Cut The Carbohydrates

Many people think that they need to completely cut carbohydrates out of their diets in order to lose weight. This may be partially true, but only if you exercise less than a baked potato. Carbohydrates are vital for having enough energy to get through any exercise routine. Carbohydrates, especially the healthy ones like whole grains are also great for keeping you feeling full and that will result in eating less over all.

Getting Rid Of Stitches

We all know the feeling of that painful stitch that you get in your side when working out really hard, especially when we work out too soon after eating. These painful side stitches can put an end to any workout, but they don’t have to. A good way to relieve the pain of a side stitch is to press your fist below your ribs, take deep breaths, and walk around slowly. If you do that the pain should go away in about half a minute.

Healthy Toppings

One trick that you can use to be successful in your dieting without ruining it or getting sick of it is to just replace some small things. If your whole family is going out for ice cream sundaes you don’t need to not eat ice cream, instead simply replace the unhealthy whipped cream and chocolate sauce toppings with something like freshly diced fruit. Kiwi, oranges, berries, and bananas all go great with some good old ice cream.

The Right Clothes

For all of the ladies out there, you want to be sure to have the proper sports bra for the exercise that you are planning to do. Sure yoga bras work great for yoga positions, but not so much for all of that bouncing and impact that comes with running. Make sure that you have a great sports bra to stop your breasts from moving too much because that can become painful and they just get in the way. When selecting a sports bra make sure that it is breathable and light or else you might end up regretting wearing the sports bra all together. For all of the guys out there you might want to consider a good pair of boxer-briefs and running shorts to keep things don there in place.

Food Is Fuel

We already mentioned that it’s really important to eat a good meal a while before working out, especially one that is rich in carbohydrates because they provide energy. A good rule is to eat a lot of fiber, carbohydrates, and other energy giving foods. Also you should be sure to eat enough veggies and fruits because they all contain vitamins, minerals, and other valuable nutrients that will help your body function better. It is also a good idea to eat a well balanced meal after working out, especially one that is fairly high in protein because it will help your body recover from the pain and strain much faster.

Substitutes Are Excellent

We already touched on this before, but we really can’t stress enough how important substituting little things is. You don’t have to quit eating all of your favorite foods, but you can always make little changes that will add up in the long run. A big part of this is convincing others to eat the same way, especially when you go out with your friends. For example, instead of eating a meat lovers pizza, you can have a pizza with just one meat topping and the rest is veggies, even try eating whole grain pizza dough instead of that horrible white stuff. Or if you are going out with friends for appetizers and drinks you can try suggesting a place that serves healthy apps along with your calorie rich drinks.


One of the worst parts about being an adult and working in an office is that you just don’t get enough exercise. Even at lunch time many office workers will simply eat their lunch at their desk while working, something that isn’t great for that Buddha belly or for those love handles. A great thing to do is to go for a little jog or walk during lunchtime, even just eating while walking or walking to your lunch spot can end up making a pretty big difference.

The Sun

Exercising outdoors is great because you do get that fresh air, but you also get those very harmful UV rays that the sun dishes out on a daily basis. To stop yourself from getting heat stroke, skin conditions, or even skin cancer, it’s always a good idea to wear more than enough sun screen, sunglasses, a hat, and even a shirt that has built in UV ray protection.

Maintain That Weight

Once you lose all of that weight and achieve your fitness goals you will still need to maintain that healthy lifestyle and your weight level. If you don’t keep doing all of the things that we have mentioned above you could very quickly slip back into old habits and be forced to slip back into your fat pants before you know what hit you.