3 Simple Tips to Detoxify and Stay Healthy

3 Simple Tips to Detoxify and Stay Healthy

Did you know that some people have 10 pounds of waste inside their intestines? You read that right. The trouble with all this junk in your system is that very likely toxins will be introduced back to your blood and to your body.

You should be responsible for cleaning your body from the inside out if you want to stay healthy. Doing so will make you feel more energetic, relaxed and really great.

3 Tips for Doing a Body Detox

Say NO

Your first step is to practice discipline. You may need to say “NO” to stopping by at your favorite fast food chain to get a quick bite. You need to choose the food you eat if you want to start cleansing your colon, right? Give up eating sugary foods, salty foods and especially processed foods. Cut down on your alcohol drinking as well. And if you want your body to be able to process all the food you eat, give it a rest and stop eating after 8 pm.

To help you do this first step, you can write down what you want to do. Let your close buddies know about it then take positive action.

Stay Active

It is ideal for a person to have at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday. It’s not just good for the heart but it helps the body detoxify. Exercise helps you to have a regular bowel movement. It stimulates the intestinal muscles to contract naturally so stools move out quickly. In addition, when you sweat while exercising, you also get rid of some toxins via perspiration.

To help you with the second step, choose an activity that you will commit to doing in the next few weeks. Maybe you can do it together with your buddy so you’re more motivated to do so.

Choose Well

In the first step, you say NO to some unhealthy foods and habits. Now, it’s time to focus on what you should be eating. You may not know that you have inflammation in some parts of your body due to candida, IBS, hormone imbalance or food allergy. You may need to undergo some tests to find out so you can do an accurate detox.

If you’re allergic to peanuts, for example, you better make sure to get rid of that in your diet. Some foods that may possibly cause inflammation or allergic reactions include:

Gluten-rich foods like flour, bread, cakes and pastries.

Dairy food. While drinking milk is healthy for the bones, some people cannot digest milk protein or are lactose-intolerant. If you cannot drink milk, you can get calcium from eating legumes and dark leafy vegetables.

Sugar, especially refined sugar. When we eat sugary foods, we feel “high” because of the dopamine released into the brain. Eating refined sugar encourages bad bacteria to proliferate in the guts causing inflammations and weak immune system. Opt to have other natural sweetener like honey or coconut sugar.

To help you get going with step 3, list food items you don’t want to eat for a week. Find gluten-free and sugar-free recipes you can try. How about fresh vegetable salad?

If you really make up your mind, you can detoxify your body. You will be thankful you did.

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