23 Fitness Tips From The Experts. Part 2

23 Fitness Tips From The Experts. Part 2

Using Supplements

It is no secret that using supplements to increase your work out results can go a long way in helping you to build muscle. There is a good chance that you may already be taking protein supplements, which of course are great for building muscle, especially when used in combination with a regular weight lifting routine. Just make sure that you don’t take more protein powder than your body can handle. Too much protein powder in comparison to your exercising will actually make you gain fatty weight instead of muscle weight, plus you can also get protein poisoning too. You can also try using creatine in order to boost your workouts because it increases your muscle stamina plus the blood flow that your muscles receive.

Controlling Portions

A big thing when it comes to weight loss and getting fit is that many people eat way too much at once, something that definitely is not good. Eating the right portions will ensure that you don’t eat more calories than your body can digest before storing them as belly fat. One trick is to use small plates and bowls because several studies show that when you use a big bowl or plate you end up eating up to 45 percent more food. Also keep in mind that any meat you eat should not be any larger than the palm of your hand. Also any pasta that you consume should not be larger in quantity than the size of your fist. Eating the right portions will ensure that your metabolism is spurred on to work hard and will ensure that your metabolism can keep up with the food you ingest.

Prepare Yourself

A really important part of achieving your fitness goals is to prepare everything ahead of time. This is because having the proper mindset is very important in terms of achieving any goal. Humans are creatures of habit and we also really like to keep schedules. Thus preparing ourselves for the day or days to come is a great way to stay on track. Creating an exercise schedule and even writing it down on paper will increase the chances of you following through with it. On that same note, preparing your daily healthy food in the morning or even on the day before will make sure that you actually eat those foods. This will also ensure that you don’t skip meals or eat unhealthy foods due to the fact that you already have the right nutritional foods prepared and ready to go.

Eating Right

One of the most important parts to staying fit is to eat healthy, eat right, and eat nutritional foods. Whether you are exercising or not, eating the right foods is a necessary part of getting a nutritionally balanced diet that will fuel you throughout the day. Getting the proper amount of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in your body will build your muscles, increase your stamina, and decrease the chances of getting sick. You need to have a diet that consists of healthy fats, complete proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and a good amount of dairy. Eating a balanced diet of these things will keep you healthy and help you achieve your exercise goals much quicker. Try to make sure that you only eat organic foods because non organic foods contain chemicals and pesticides which may harm your body.

Eating The Right Amount

The next crucial aspect you need to be aware of in order to achieve all of your workout goals is that you may actually need to eat more and you need to do so on a regular basis. Many people eat just 2 or 3 really big meals per day, something which can actually be counterproductive. When you eat a few big meals per day your body has a hard time digesting that much food at once, plus it doesn’t help your metabolism either. A better thing to do is to eat 5 small meals per day because constantly eating will spur on your metabolism to work harder. A harder working metabolism will help you digest food quicker and burn away fat much better. Also the metabolism slows down throughout the day which means that you want to eat less as the day goes on, and if possible don’t eat late at night.

Purposeful Eating

A good trick to getting healthy, losing weight, and building muscle is to make sure that everything you eat has a specific purpose. In other words you shouldn’t eat food just because you are hungry or are craving a burger. Everything you eat should be measured out in nutritional value and needs to serve a purpose in terms of your health. When you eat meat it shouldn’t be because you are a carnivore, but because you know that you need protein. And eating a tuna sandwich shouldn’t be done because fish is fantastic, but because you know that it contains fatty acids and complex carbohydrates in that great multigrain bun.

Endurance Training

Endurance training such as for a long and grueling marathon is very important. Endurance sports such as marathons, cycling, and long bouts of swimming are very taxing on your body. They use up a lot of energy, calories, and other vital substances all at once. This is due to the fact that these exercises are extremely physically taxing to the human body. The trick to being able to get through an endurance work out is to prepare for it. You need to have a great nutritional basis, with extreme carb and protein loading before the big day. Also you need to make sure that you train your body in terms of aerobics, strength, and stamina, all of which can be built up over time. The more you train your body for endurance, the less energy and resources the body will consume when you take on that extreme marathon challenge.

The Fight Of Fatigue

Perhaps the biggest problem that you may experience when going through endurance training is that you experience fatigue, both while working out and through your daily life. Fatigue is very dangerous because it will destroy your goals and you will never achieve them. A part of this is to have a well-balanced diet with tons of carbs and necessary vitamins, because after all they produce energy in your body. Eating the right foods can help your muscles work harder for longer without tiring out. Another good way to get over fatigue is to listen to high paced music when working out. Listening to fast music is both a good motivator and is actually shown it expand blood vessels in order to increase blood flow to the muscles, thus increasing the time for which they can work for.