10 Negative Effects of Smoking

10 Negative Effects of Smoking

Smoking is bad for your health. Of course, you already know that. But what makes it so bad? We list in this article 10 reasons why you should consider quitting smoking.

Why Stop Smoking Now

There are many negative effects of smoking. Some you might feel right away, while others will only surface after a long time of smoking.

10 Initial Undesirable Effects of Smoking

  1. Smoking leads to coughing. After some time, smokers start to experience what they call the smoker’s cough. This eventually occurs because the body is trying to get rid of the toxins that come with smoking.
  1. Smokers develop yellow teeth. This is one of the negative effects of smoking that would take away that beautiful smile off your face. Why? You either stop smiling or hide your yellow teeth while smiling.
  1. Smokers will develop problems with blood circulation. Inhaling cigarette smoke contaminates the bloodstream. Arteries will start to clog and you might feel cold hands and feet. That is because of lower blood flow to these parts of your body.
  1. Smokers lack the glow of healthy skin. This result from the reduced blood flow making the skin look pale and grey than it used to be.
  1. Smokers get ugly yellow fingertips. Smoke gets in contact with your fingertips and is turning them into ugly yellow fingertips.
  1. Smokers lose their ability to smell. Smoking affects the taste buds and the ability to smell. Thankfully, this is reversible and will be restored once you stop smoking.
  1. Smoking lowers your lung capacity: A lower lung capacity means your body has a lower level of oxygen and brings it to a lower fitness level. You might be surprised to find that you have failed a fitness test because of this.
  1. Smokers have less energy. Smoking causes the body’s immune system to work hard than usual. This entails the use of extra energy, thus lowering your overall energy level.
  1. Smoking causes bad breath. Smoking tends to cause dry mouth, which often results to bad breath.
  1. Smoking can cause dizzy spells. Because smoking lowers the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream, the brain also gets lesser oxygen than is necessary for optimal function. This is the reason for the dizzy spells and the lower ability to focus.


These are just the initial negative effects of smoking. But with long term smoking of cigarettes, more severe conditions may result such as heart disease and lung cancer.

You may have your own point of view on the matter, but the fact is, smoking kills. It may take some time but surely it will deteriorate your quality of life.

When you decide to finally quit smoking, you will find out that it is not that easy because of the craving to smoke again. It might help if you think of all the negative effects of smoking listed above and how liberating it is to finally get rid of this bad habit. With enough will power, you will succeed.

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